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Sea Green Heishi Beads

I love these turquoise beads!

Exactly what I needed

It’s needed Rosarita heart cabs in a certain size and shape. Turquoise Moose had two available and I promptly purchased them. Shipping was quick!


These were so well received. They are gorgeous too!

White Buffalo Dolomite Heishi Beads

I bought one strand and when it arrived I was so inspired I ordered another one.

lovely shape

I can't wait to create some beautiful earrings with this set of spiny oyster

Sleeping Beauty

perfectly cut; beautiful stone

Beautiful Lapis!

As always - gorgeous stones and fast shipping! Thank you!!

Love this color!

I have not been disappointed with anything I've ordered from Turquoise Moose, and thus particular color of turquoise is one of my favorites. I will enjoy coming up with designs for them.

Love ❤️

Always super impressed with the quality and service from Turquoise Moose

2. Small Half Moon Sand Hill, Set of 2 - 020924

4. Small Heart Rosarita - 010724
Genevieve San Miguel’s

The best stones ever!

1. Small Half Moon Mixed, Set of 2 - 022324
Dina Leon

These stones are beautiful. I’m pleased with my purchase

4. Small Round Mixed, Set of 7 - 101023
Andrea V
Pretty but...

They are pretty but; they are of varied heights so will have to adjust under stone for earring pair and, 1 of the 7 stones has scratches. It would be helpful to know the name of the mines these ‘mixed’ stones came from so I can use it in the jewelry description.

4. Medium Heart Green Yungai - 071423
Claudia Estrada
Very pretty

Sold right away before even creating the ring.

Great product, but packed poorly

I purchased two pounds of Rosarita rough. It took nearly two weeks to arrive because it seems that a mailing label was created, but it wasn't actually mailed until I reached out several times to ask about it. It finally arrived, but was packed so poorly in the box that the stones were rattling around loosely and bouncing off each other and there was basically glass shards littering the bottom of the box. It's still usable and I look forward to getting into the lapidary shop with it, but you guys really should take better care with shipping materials. I would never dream of shipping something so haphazardly to my customers.

Large Sea Green Teardrop Bamboo Mountain Turquoise, Set of 3
Ryan Welch
Really awesome stones

I love these stones! They arrived quickly and look just as good in person as they do in the photos on the website! I can’t wait to put these into some silver!

Large Sea Green Teardrop Crescent Lake Variscite, Set of 2
Ryan Welch
Beautiful stones

The stones arrived as expected and look just as beautiful in person as on the website!

4. Medium Heart Rosarita - 012624
Claudia Estrada

I’ve never purchased any Rosarita before this and now I’m kinda hooked lol

Small Ocean Blue Round Yungai Turquoise, Set of 12
Sheena Olito
Loveee the colour of these stones 😍

Best quality, fast shipment. 👌

Small Red Mixed Rosarita, Set of 5
Genevieve San Miguel’s

Amazing stones!!!!

5. Medium Barrel Yungai - 121023
Leslie Scholz
Nice color. Not cut all that well

Once again, walls slope either outward instead of inward toward the center of the stone or straight up and down vertical. Just makes setting the stone in a bezel harder.

Just Perfect!!!

I was actually not surprised that the beads were exactly as I had imagined them to be because Turquoisemoose has such an excellent reputation. But I still found myself just staring at the perfect colors they had; nothing was chipped or damaged; and they were just perfect for the necklace I wanted to make for myself!!!! I’m not a big buyer (yet :) but I will be back whenever I need material that I can trust to be real; can trust to come from where it is listed to be from; and will not surprisingly loose half of its size by the time it reaches my mailbox!!! Thank you Turquoisemoose for your excellent customer service. It’s really appreciated!!!!

Large Mint Green Mixed Green Serpentine Serpentine, Set of 12

Perfect gemstones 🤩

Medium Deep Blue Mixed Blue Moon Turquoise, Set of 5
Angela Schorr-cantrell

Absolutely stunning 😍

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