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sand hill turquoise

I absolutely adore these stones, honestly EVERY piece of turquoise I have purchased from Turquoise Moose ! These Sand Hills have a very fresh, modern look that enhance my jewelry designs & take them to the exquisite level ! Thank you Turquoise Moose!

Kingman Teardrop

Beautiful stones🤗 They are going to be Christmas gift 🎁

Everything was great, size as described and beautiful color on the stones.

Large oval turquoise.

Gorgeous colours and the shape good for making a bezel. So happy with them.

Amazing colour and quality

I am absolutely delighted with this set of Medium Mint Green Half Moon Giraffe Turquoise. The colour is amazing and the quality is outstanding. Very happy with the purchase.

Turquoise Love

I absolutely LOVE the turquoise gemstones I received - always exactly what I expect & can’t wait to create beautiful jewelry with them ! Shipping is quick - my only problem is deciding what stones to order - I love them all !

Rosarita lightning bolt

Obsessed with this bolt, it’s the perfect shape size for a ring. Turned out beautiful. Thank you, hope to see more like this in the future!

Why make your own?

Beautiful, quality turquoise beads! What a great resource! Much easire than making my own. Thank you.

Small Sky Blue Round Mixed Turquoise, Set of 7
Yuliya Gordiyenko
Perfect for earrings

Nice round turquoise cabochons, which would be perfect for earrings. Very happy with the purchase.

Absolutely Perfect

This was the perfect stone for a custom ring design. Great quality.

Poorly cut

Sorry to say that this stone is not cut well. Sent pictures to your customer service. Waiting to hear what they think about it.

3. Large Trapezoid Wild Horse - 030323
Toni Pickerell

3. Large Trapezoid Wild Horse - 030323

Love the stones

Everything was as expected, packed well, lovely stones.

Medium Earth Brown Round Treasure Mountain Turquoise, Set of 5
Yuliya Gordiyenko
Beautiful stones, very happy with the purchase

Beautiful stones, very happy with the purchase, purchased two more lots since then. Cant't wait to make jewellery pieces with this beautiful turquoise.

Beautiful color! Nice size ranges.

Love the shape

Lovely colours and a great shape stone. Good service and delivery was quick.

Love love love

Lovely turquoise, such amazing colours. Especially love the surfboard shapes and will definitely be back for more.

Small Deep Blue Mixed Lapis Lazuli, Set of 8
April Raile
Beautiful stones

I love the stones you offer

Large Royal Orange Oval Purple Lavender Variscite, Set of 5
Joesi Zastrow
Stunning Material

This material is pricey, but truly high quality and incredible

Fantastic Resource and Community Meeting Place

I count my lucky stars to have somehow found Turquoise Moose on line a few years ago and have been following your fantastic offerings ever since and itching for the day of my retirement so I could rebuild my construction/woodworking shop into the silver bench work and lapidary studio of my dreams. I never realized how much effort closing down a 40 year old contracting business would be but I am close to having the studio up and running. I am so pleased to have signed up for the Moose Academy and have not been disappointed. I have learned new fine points from the academy that will make my little operation more efficient and productive. Among those fine points..... using "floaty noodles" on the front edge of my machine to rest my wrists on while working at the wheel. The little water heater intalled in line with the water supply is brilliant . Why didn't I think of that? What is the model # of that little Bosch unit by the way? How to approach the determination of yield when buying quantities of rough. Very helpful when going in that direction. So that is good for basic material costs but how do you factor in the labor & profit margin for finished cabs? Anyway... I do go on. Using templates, Using diamond circle drills to start uniform rounds. Do you have a source for those metric diamond drills? Way more than you asked for , so I will say, your setting up the Moose Academy surely fills a need in the jewelry making communty just as your amazing selection of finished stones has had me flabergasted since I first found your inspiring business on line. I have often wondered "how does she provide such amazing quality and quantity of such varieties of beautiful stones". Now I have an idea of how you have become so succesful. I love what you do. Keep up the good work. Sorry I ran this so long


Beautiful beads exactly as described on the website. Great service too - the beads were dispatched almost immediately. Very pleased.

Small Purple Barrel Amethyst Quartz, Set of 12
Larry White
What gives?

Several of the large and medium amethyst discs were cracked or had chipped edges. They we’re not professionally finished in my estimation. They were to be used with minimal settings for see through applications. I’ll have to regrind and polish to use them. The smaller pieces and others were perfect. I was a little shocked because every other purchase from TM has been terrific.

4. Large Round Giraffe - 051923
Jill T
Iʻm in love!

Turquoise Mooseʻs Round Giraffe stone is gorgeous. Iʻm in love with the Giraffes from Turquoise Moose.

Small Deep Blue Mixed Lapis Lazuli, Set of 9
Beautiful Fierce Wonderful
💙Stunning stones💙

I am one happy customer! Not only are these gemstones top quality, they are ethically sourced and cut… excellent customer service too & packaging is recyclable!

Too small and too expensive

As beautiful as these stones are they weren’t the price I bought them for.

  • Authentic
  • Natural
  • Carefully Sourced

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