Mixed Black White Buffalo, Set of 5

White Buffalo takes it name from its unique white purity and is believed by native americans to be as rare as the mythical white buffalo. This stone has only been discovered in one mine worldwide. However, despite being often labelled as Turquoise, White Buffalo is actually Dolomite. However, the misconception comes because it undergoes the same mineralization process as Turquoise and is often found next to Turquoise.

  • Mixed shape
  • White Buffalo pattern
  • Large size
  • 109 cts

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Gaby Shultz
Black White Buffalo Dolomite

Thanks to the Moose I am a White Buffalo fan! I love the blacks to the whites and see many seasonal creations from both color dominant stones. These Black White Buffalo will pop with a shiny silver backdrop. The shapes available from the Moose lend themselves to endless possibilities in design.

  • Authentic
  • Natural
  • Carefully Sourced

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