Moose Spotlight: A Heart Destined for Metalsmithing

This self-taught metalsmith is Kim Plotkin, the person behind @humblebumblebeads on Instagram. She is based in Asheville, North Carolina, and has been metalsmithing for one and a half years now.

Jewelry Artist Kim Plotkin of @humblebumblebeads on Instagram

@humblebumblebeads on Instagram

Kim started creating jewelry because she only wanted to tick something off of her bucket list. Since then, it turned into her passion. To her, creating became an addictive and therapeutic creative outlet. Back in 2015, Kim and her husband took a trip to Nashville, Tennessee. As they traveled back home, they stopped in Chattanooga. Her hubby could not get some sleep and walked around town. Once he came back to their hotel he said this to Kim, “I know why we’re here! There is a walk-in welcome glass blowing session.” Upon knowing this, Kim could not sleep as she got excited. When they arrived at the session, she was shaking with excitement as it was something she wanted to do forever.

Once they got home, they checked out a glass blowing studio down near the River Arts District. To their surprise, they had a workshop on the same weekend and Kim did it - feeling like the universe was sending her signs and steering her in the direction to her heart.

For Kim, finding her passion does not mean not encountering challenges. She told us each time she creates is challenging, but that’s the reason she loves it! To her, it uses her mind to problem solve and she forgets about what’s happening to the outside world. In her own words, this is how she feels about it, “It takes you places in your mind and soul. A chain of healing process begins as soon as I light the torch. No matter how I’m feeling that day, it ALL goes away with the flame.”

Living tucked away high up in the mountains of Western North Carolina, Kim gets inspired by all the nature around her. She told us it never gets old looking out from her studio and seeing God’s creations.

Kim started silversmithing because she was attracted to turquoise. She knew she wanted to take her creations up a notch but really couldn't figure out how to do it. Until one day, less than 2 years ago, she saw a post of turquoise jewelry and that was it! For Kim, there’s some kind of love affair whenever she sees a piece of turquoise as it gets her heart beating faster than other stones.

Take a look at some of her amazing work! 

Turquoise Jewelry by Kim Plotkin of @humblebumblebeads on Instagram

by @humblebumblebeads on Instagram

When we asked what tip she can give to her fellow creators, Kim said to just go for it. Creating has the power to take you to another universe that soothes the mind spirit and soul.

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Why do you like working with Turquoise Moose?

“I love quality stones, and that's why the majority of them I purchase through Turquoise Moose. When I see a post I know it's going to be beautiful stones in unique shapes that set them apart from anyone else!”

- Kim Plotkin

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