Celebrating the Beauty of Jewelry Making

Hello, Moose friends! It's one of our favorite days of the week as we get to share with you some beautiful pieces from our lovely Moose community! Each week, we are treated to such stunning and inspiring pieces created by you - let's get started! 💚 


Treasure Mountain Turquoise Cuff by @kellycurtisdesigns


Treasure Mountain Turquoise Cuff by @kellycurtisdesigns


Can we just take a second to appreciate the sheer beauty of @kellycurtisdesigns' Treasure Mountain turquoise cuff? I mean, talk about such a timeless piece! The attention to detail here is simply mesmerizing. 


And guess what? You can infuse your own creations with the charm of Treasure Mountain turquoise cabochons.


Turquoise Heart Pendants by @tb.ranchsilver


Turquoise Heart Pendants by @tb.ranchsilver


Oh, my heart! Literally. @tb.ranchsilver's heart pendants are just too adorable for words. Each piece feels like a love letter crafted in silver and turquoise, celebrating L-O-V-E! 💚


Incorporate one of our heart-shaped cabochons into your next creations -  and spreading a little love wherever it goes!


Half Moon-Shaped Treasure Mountain Turquoise Earrings by @josey_silver


Half Moon-Shaped Treasure Mountain Turquoise Earrings by @josey_silver


Wow, just wow! 🤩 @josey_silver's half moon-shaped Treasure Mountain turquoise earrings are so incredibly dreamy! We definitely gasped upon seeing this pair!


Check out our collection of half-moon-shaped cabochons.


Let's keep celebrating the magic of jewelry creating! Don't forget to share your own creations on Instagram, tag us @turquoise_moose, and use #MadeWithMoose to join our amazing community. Here's to endless inspiration and creativity! ✨💚


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