How To Participate in Moose IG Live Sale

If you have been following Turquoise Moose on Instagram or you have been wanting to join our IG live sales, but you don’t know how the whole entire process works just yet, don’t worry! We’ll walk you through it. 

How To Join Moose Instagram Live Sale

Every Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday, we hold Instagram live sales. We handpick a couple of turquoise cabochons in our collection and start posting at 4:30 pm PST or 7:30 pm EST. 

To be able to join our Instagram live sale, you simply have to follow us @turquoise_moose! Make sure to turn on post notifications you’d get notified every time we post. 


As mentioned, we do our IG live sales three times a week - Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

At 4:30 pm PST, we start posting turquoise cabochon sets and we label them by number.

If you see something you like and you want to claim it, you simply have to comment THE NUMBER OF YOUR PREFERRED TURQUOISE SET.

For example, in this posting: 

Turquoise Moose Instagram Live Sale

If you choose number 3, just comment #3 and whoever comments first, gets the set! 


After that, please check your DMs as we will be messaging you on the next steps on your purchase. 

  • We will be sending out a link/s that will lead you to our website.
  • Add the item(s) from the provided link(s) to your cart.
  • On the order note, write your IG handle.
  • Check out, and then create happiness! 

P.S. We provide worldwide FREE SHIPPING for orders above $100. See you on Instagram! Got any questions for us? Don’t hesitate to send us a message!

Happy creating, 


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