Moose Spotlight: Simplistic and Western Jewelry Creations

"Don’t give up, it’s so cool to create something you’re proud of."

- Amanda, @goodkarmabeadingco







Jewelry Artist Amanda Warren of @goodkarmabeadingco on Instagram



@goodkarmabeadingco on Instagram





Meet jewelry artist Amanda Warren, based in Dallas, OR, she has been creating jewelry for a year now, and her creations can be seen on Instagram @goodkarmabeadingco 💚



What inspired her the most in creating jewelry is she wanted to learn about her native culture. 

When Amanda was just getting started, the first pair of earrings she ever made almost gave up on her because she said she was having a hard time. She said, “It was a gift though, and I didn’t have a plan B so I had to figure it out. Now I’m so glad I did!”


Curious if there’s a meaning behind her brand name, Amanda shared that she actually owns Karma Coffee in Dallas. “Our motto is Inspire Kindness. The idea behind good Karma is that when you are kind to others, they will be kind to you. Creating a snowball effect of a kinder world!” How beautiful! 🥰



Let’s take a look at some of Amanda’s beautiful creations!  


Beads Earrings by Amanda Warren of @goodkarmabeadingco on Instagram





Turquoise Bolo Tie by Amanda Warren of @goodkarmabeadingco on Instagram




Handmade Jewelry by Amanda Warren of @goodkarmabeadingco on Instagram






For Amanda, one of her AHA! moments as a jewelry artist is when she actually got multiple items to solder to a backplate at once. 💚 Aren’t moments like those so special and fulfilling?






Each artist work differently and have a different process. Amanda, when she creates, picks the stones she loves first. She explained, “I just look at them until something in them—a color, shape, etc. inspires me!”




Here are a few more beautiful pieces by Amanda! 



Turquoise Necklaces by Amanda Warren of @goodkarmabeadingco on Instagram





Turquoise Ring by Amanda Warren of @goodkarmabeadingco on Instagram




Turquoise Jewelry by Amanda Warren of @goodkarmabeadingco on Instagram







What's one design tip you one to share with your fellow artists?


"If you need a breather take one. Don’t give up, it’s so cool to create something you’re proud of. Even if it’s not perfect!"



One piece of technical advice on creating.


"Don’t be afraid to use the larger torches. They always scared me at first so everything took way too long!"




Any words of encouragement or tips to those who are starting out in the world of jewelry-making? 



"Appreciate your mistakes. It’s supposed to be handmade. That’s what makes it special!"



Lastly, here is Amanda's message to the universe: 




Amanda Warren Blog Feature by Turquoise Moose




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