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"There is so much info/design/talent coming at us from all directions, remember to be authentic."

- Annie, @annie_awe_design





Jewelry Artist Annie Awe of @annie_awe_design on Instagram


@annie_awe_design on Instagram



Meet jewelry artist Annie Awe from Bozeman, Montana. She has been creating jewelry for a month now and her beautiful creations can be seen on Instagram @annie_awe_design 💚



She always loved to accessorize and work with her hands. Annie knew one day she would work with metal and stones. When she finally did, she felt like she had found a part of herself that had been waiting for the right time to show herself. ✨



Interesting fact - Annie started with her daughter who was eight years old. They took the Vancrafted online course. Annie said the first piece was a simple ring and along with her daughter, they watched the video over and over. "It was surprisingly easy as long as we gave ourself grace and embraced the beginner imperfections. We all have to start somewhere."


Annie Awe Designs



Firsts are almost unforgettable. Annie started posting pictures of her work immediately on her personal page because she said she was so excited. Around her 15th ring, she started to get people asking to buy them - and it just went from there. 🥰




Let's take a look at some of her beautiful creations!



Handmade bracelets by Annie Awe of @annie_awe_design on Instagram




Turquoise ring by Annie Awe of @annie_awe_design on Instagram



Handmade bracelets by Annie Awe of @annie_awe_design on Instagram 









You know that moment when it just clicks? A Eureka moment, an AHA! moment? Annie shared that she really does remember that first piece that felt worthy. "I still have it. I was using a stone my aunt had had for 40 years. She gifted it to me about 10 years ago (I think she saw that someday I would create), I kept it safe until I felt ready. When I started the project, it was like butter. What an intoxicating feeling." ✨







For Annie, when she starts creating, she will find a stone, look at the wall of metal and go from there. She has never drawn the design because she shared that her brain just doesn’t work like that. 



Asked to describe her very own design style, Annie said it is eclectic. She has her earthy side with turquoise and texture and then she has her elegant side with solid gold and gold filled. "I just roll with it." 💚



Here are a few more gorgeous pieces by Annie!




Minimalist ring by Annie Awe of @annie_awe_design on Instagram





Handmade shadowbox turquoise ring by Annie Awe of @annie_awe_design on Instagram





Handmade jewelry by Annie Awe of @annie_awe_design on Instagram





What's one design tip you one to share with your fellow artists?


"Ashley Weber Design has been a big mentor for me. She told me to not force the process, just be you and things will flow. I am so grateful for her. There is so much info/design/talent coming at us from all directions, remember to be authentic."



One piece of technical advice on creating.


"Don’t cut corners, it doesn’t work. Clean metals, clean tools, strong pickle."



Any words of encouragement or tips to those who are starting out in the world of jewelry-making?


"Have fun and relax. Imperfections make you original."


Lastly, here is Annie's message to the universe: 



Annie Awe Blog Feature by Turquoise Moose



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