Moose Spotlight: A Ladysmith Growing With Her Craft

Ash Crangle is a Denver, Colorado-based jewelry artist who is also found on Instagram as Originally from Buffalo, New York, she fell in love with making jewelry in New Orleans, Louisiana. 

Jewelry Artist Ash Crangle of on Instagram

Photo via / photo by @forthewestandwildphoto

On her website, this ladysmith shared she has always loved working and creating with her own hands and she knew she had to do something about it.

Back In 2014, she made her first sterling silver ring! With nothing but YouTube and a torch, she was able to do it, even if she said it was a struggle for her. Afterwhich, she mentioned that it was only a matter of time before she dove in and took classes in Denver, Colorado.

Since then, Ash has found her passion and love for this trade. She adds that she loves watching herself grow more and more with each piece she creates. She also states in her website her appreciation for those who support her work, saying, “You are what makes my dreams possible and I can’t thank y’all enough!”

As mentioned earlier, she has always loved creating. Ash said she loves making art from scratch, and when she began to work with silver, she was immediately hooked! To her, creating something equipped with both silver and torch was the coolest thing.

We couldn’t agree more!

Ash, as an artist, also gets inspired by her fellow creators. She revealed that she likes @meltedmadeco, who is a wax carving artist, who she says kills it! She even nudged us to check her work out, saying we won’t be disappointed.

Indeed, the support and love among each artist in this community are remarkable.

For her work, Ash shared she gets inspiration from nature because it’s everywhere! She answered, “The colors, the patterns in the mud, in tree stumps, it’s all over. There’s excitement when you look at an organic object and see a design you want to create.”

This reminds us of what we love to talk about our turquoise pieces. Created by Nature, Shaped With Hands!

Check out some of her stunning creations!

Turquoise Jewelry by Ash Crangle of on Instagram

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