Moose Spotlight: The Beauty of Creating Timeless Jewelry

"...I've had many "AHA!" moments as I've evolved in this craft, and that's what I love about it! There's a never-ending list of skills to learn."

- Courtney, @theriversidejeweler




Jewelry Artist Courtney Roland of @theriversidejeweler on Instagram




@theriversidejeweler on Instagram



Silversmithing has been around for centuries, but for Courtney Roland of Confluence, Pennsylvania, it's a newfound passion that's quickly becoming a thriving business. She started silversmithing just last year in February of 2022, and already has a website in the works for her business, The Riverside Jeweler. Her pieces can currently be found through Instagram drops, @theriversidejeweler 💚

"I've dabbled in jewelry making several times throughout my life but never worked with metal," Courtney explains. "I was introduced to one of my favorite silversmiths via social media and followed her for several years, collecting pieces whenever I could. Finally, one day, I just thought—why don't I try this?! So I did... and haven't looked back."

It's a story of taking a chance and finding a new passion, and Courtney has certainly embraced it wholeheartedly. She admits that she's still "starting out" with just a year under her belt, but she's gained confidence in her skills and learned something from every piece she's made. ✨


"The most important thing I've learned is to never rush the process—nothing good ever comes from a rushed piece of work!" she shares.

Courtney draws inspiration from the rivers that surround her home and studio, which is situated in the town of Confluence, PA. It's a town named after the term referring to the junction of two rivers, and it's where Courtney brings her designs to life.


Let's have a look at some of her beautiful creations! 



Turquoise Earrings by Courtney Roland of @theriversidejeweler on Instagram




Turquoise Ring by Courtney Roland of @theriversidejeweler on Instagram



Turquoise Jewelry by Courtney Roland of @theriversidejeweler on Instagram






"My first 'aha!' moment happened the first time I made a pair of earrings," she recalls. "I felt so proud to bring my vision for the design to life. I've had many 'aha!' moments as I've evolved in this craft, and that's what I love about it! There's a never-ending list of skills to learn."





For Courtney, the design process is all about tinkering around her bench until she works it out. She rarely sketches anything, instead seeing the design in her mind and bringing it to life. ✨

"I'm still finding my voice as a silversmith and artist but I aim to make designs that are timeless and can be worn everyday," Courtney shares.

With her natural talent and dedication to her craft, there's no doubt that we'll be seeing more of her beautiful designs in the future. So keep an eye out for The Riverside Jeweler and get ready to be inspired! 💚



Here are a few more stunning creations by Courtney!



Turquoise Earrings by Courtney Roland of @theriversidejeweler on Instagram



Turquoise Rings by Courtney Roland of @theriversidejeweler on Instagram



Handmade Turquoise Jewelry by Courtney Roland of @theriversidejeweler on Instagram





What's one design tip you one to share with your fellow artists?
"If YOU don't love it, neither will they."
One piece of technical advice on creating.
"Always keep your metal clean!"
Any words of encouragement or tips to those who are starting out in the world of jewelry-making?
"Don't be afraid of messing up because you will. You will mess up dozens of times. You're going to melt metal, saw the wrong shape, scrap bezels... but each time you do you'll glean wisdom that will help you the next time you sit down at your bench. It's all part of the process!"
Lastly, here is Courtney's message to the universe!
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