Moose Spotlight: A Metalsmith Inspired by Nature

Inspired by nature and art, Idaho Springs, Colorado-based artist, Danette Sloniker, also known as @silverlacedesigns has been creating jewelry for four years.

Jewelry Artist Danette Sloniker of @silverlacedesigns on Instagram

@silverlacedesigns on Instagram

Danette has always been an artist, a jack of trades. She shared with us that nothing really stuck until she made a decision to take her first metalsmithing class. Instantly, she knew this was her calling. For so long, she searched for something that challenged her and kept her interest. As with anything, it takes time and lots of patience and practice. According to her, this work is constantly inspiring her to do and be better, there is so much to learn!

Like most jewelry artists, Danette also faces challenges with her creations. For her, the most challenging part about creating jewelry is really taking the time to learn and perfect new techniques. Danette has so many pieces that have a special place in her heart and she shared with us that they usually find their homes quickly and with some of her favorite people. “It brings me so much happiness when people really connect with a piece the way I do,” she added.

Nature inspires Danette’s designs as it is the backbone of her work. She is constantly inspired by the beautiful material the earth creates and she uses that within her work. Both of her home and studio are nestled in at 10,000 feet of the Rocky Mountains which offers so much daily inspiration. Talk about working with a view, right?

As for the materials and gemstones that she uses, we asked why Danette uses turquoise. For her, it all began with the vintage turquoise pieces her grandmother handed down to her, one of which was her great grandmother’s. She continued saying how turquoise has a beautiful history that most collectors can connect to. She loves that turquoise has many different faces but is easily recognizable.

Check out a few samples of her outstanding work!

Turquoise Jewelry by Danette Sloniker of @silverlacedesigns on Instagram

by @silverlacedesigns on Instagram

When we asked her what kind of tip she has for fellow creators, Danette said to take a step back if you are getting frustrated with a piece. “Take a break and come back to it. Creativity really shouldn't be rushed.” Adding how it can be usually even more frustrating when things are forced! We couldn’t agree more!

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What do you like most about working with Turquoise Moose?

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