Moose Spotlight: Creating Handcrafted Silver Heirlooms

"Don’t do what others are doing, do what you enjoy."

- Eleni of @asimistudio 







Jewelry Artist Eleni of @asimistudio on Instagram




@asimistudio on Instagram









Meet Eleni from London, United Kingdom. She has been creating jewelry for 2 years now and her beautiful creations can be seen on her Instagram @asimistudio 💚




Growing up, Eleni shared she was really shy. One thing she LOVED were rings! To her, they define you and tell a story of who you are. She added, "Wearing rings has always made me feel special and given me a confidence that I would love to share and pass onto everyone."





When Eleni was just getting started, it wasn't an easy start for her. She said, "I had a vision in my mind of the type of jewellery I wanted to create, but didn’t have enough money to bring it to life - so I started small and slowly worked my way until I was able to create these beautiful chic turquoise pieces." It was a process that made her realize things take time and you have to enjoy the process.






Firsts are unforgettable, most of the time. Eleni's first jewelry sale was through another channel - she said she had an Etsy before she was able to have her own website! She thinks her first purchase came from a follower on Twitter. How awesome is that? 🥰




Curious if there was any special meaning to her brand name, Eleni explained, "Yes! I am Greek-Cypriot (From Cyprus) and my brand name Asími means silver in Greek. I wanted to add a piece of the language I speak into my business." ✨





Let's take a look at some of her beautiful creations!





Double-stone Turquoise Ring by Eleni of @asimistudio on Instagram







Turquoise Ring by Eleni of @asimistudio on Instagram





Handmade Turquoise Ring by Eleni of @asimistudio on Instagram 











Asked if she remembers her very first AHA! moment since she started creating jewelry, Eleni said she feels like every time she creates something is a proud moment; a lot of work goes into creating just one ring, she added. But looking back, she's really pleased with the ring she will be releasing end of September. For Eleni, that hits the nail on the head of why she does what she does. 🫶🏼











When Eleni starts a piece, she said she usually starts by drawing out designs and then finding the stones. Sometimes, it’s the other way round, but drawing is always involved for her! ✍️






Asked to describe her own design style, Eleni said, "I’m still trying to find a word for my style, but I would say boho chic?" 😊




Here are a few more dreamy pieces by Eleni!




Turquoise Earrings by Eleni of @asimistudio on Instagram





Turquoise Ring and Necklace by Eleni of @asimistudio on Instagram





Turquoise Jewelry by Eleni of @asimistudio on Instagram










What's one design tip you one to share with your fellow artists?




"Hmm… maybe to always draw out your designs and different compositions until you reach a final verdict. Ideas are always chopping and changing and materials are expensive to just wing it."





One piece of technical advice on creating.




"Not sure if this can go under technical, but please remember about safety. Open window, wear masks when dusting and soldering if you can’t afford a fume extractor. Health is so important."





Any words of encouragement or tips to those who are starting out in the world of jewelry-making?





"Don’t worry about “your style” it’s all about experimenting and trying different things. This will lead you to finding your style that shows your personality, it really does take time. Don’t do what others are doing, do what you enjoy."





Lastly, her message to the universe. Eleni said she isn't too sure what to say, but here goes!




Eleni of @asimistudio Blog Feature by Turquoise Moose






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