Moose Spotlight: Consciously-made Adorned Jewelry

Meeting talented jewelry artists on Instagram is one of our favorite things. To be able to know what fueled their desire to create beautiful jewelry pieces and have a glimpse of their journey is inspiring, to say the least! 




Jewelry Artist Hasmig Hanessian of @hasmig_annoush_jewelry on Instagram


@hasmig_annoush_jewelry on Instagram


This is Hasmig Hanessian, of @hasmig_annoush_jewelry - she shared Annoush is her middle name. Based in Austin, TX, Hasmig has been making jewelry for a year now.




"Creating jewelry came from my personal journey of self discovery and spirituality," she shared. Hasmig said she has been a jewelry fanatic and has always been a creative ever since she was a little girl. It never occurred to her to make jewelry, but as she rose from from rock bottom, jewelry making presented itself to her, to which she's forever grateful for.


Her journey started when she took her very first metalsmithing class in September of 2018. She recalled the feeling that took over her entire being - that nothing has ever felt more right. She told us that she will never forget that feeling. 

Around that time, she still wasn’t in the best place. She remembered being miserable in a corporate job, financially struggling, and continuing to work on her mental health. She remembered thinking that jewelry making might be a dream that she had to give up.


It wasn’t until she moved in December of 2019 into a gorgeous new space where she had access to the garage and was able to set up a bench. Even then, Hasmig felt like she couldn’t catch a break and felt as if life was going at a million miles per hour. Then the pandemic hit, time stopped, and that’s when her jewelry creating journey began.


As seen on Instagram, her brand name is her name. After lots of reflection of how she wanted to brand herself and her work, Hasmig decided to use her first and middle name because creating adornments is her most genuine form of self expression. She also adds that she's also very proud of her Armenian and Mexican background and love that her name is unique. Her first name means jasmine and her middle name means sweet.


Now that we know this, we can't help but smile 💚




A lot of artists get that very AHA! moments every time they're starting out. We wanted to know what was Hasmig's experience was! 


She shared there’s been several times this has happened for her. Back when she took her first metalsmithing class, she made an intricate cuff that was completely hand-sawed. She recalled that she felt like she could conquer anything! (What a lovely feeling! 🥰)


It happened again when she made her first custom piece. That’s when she realized that custom pieces are her favorite creations. Also, it happened again recently when she was in a flow state and made a crystal crown ring.


Take a look at this gorgeous ring she made!


Ring by Hasmig Hanessian of @hasmig_annoush_jewelry on Instagram


Turquoise Jewelry by Hasmig Hanessian of @hasmig_annoush_jewelry on Instagram


Turquoise Ring by Hasmig Hanessian of @hasmig_annoush_jewelry on Instagram





"Here is where I shamelessly reveal that my design process can be all over the place," she said when we asked what's her design process like. She said she  used to consistently sketch, but now she's more inspired by the stones she works with and the magic happens on the bench. She starts placing pieces together and things evolve from there. In addition, she’ll also have ideas pop in to her head during mediations or dreams.


When we asked her to describe her design style, she described it as "I would say my style has a southwestern vibe with ancient goddess feels and a boho, celestial design sprinkled in. It’s a big mix haha!"


Check out this incredibly unique earrings by Hasmig! 


Turquoise Earrings by Hasmig Hanessian of @hasmig_annoush_jewelry on Instagram


by Hasmig Hanessian of @hasmig_annoush_jewelry on Instagram




What's one design tip you one to share with your fellow artists? 

"Patience! Magic happens when you slow down and appreciate every step that goes into creating a piece of jewelry."


Any words of encouragement or tips to those who are starting out in the world of jewelry-making?

"Never ever ever give up! If you truly feel that this is your passion, then it will work as it needs to. You do not need all the fancy tools to make it happen."


Finally, her message to the universe: 


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