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Finding one’s passion can be truly fulfilling, but it gets even more thrilling when you unexpectedly realize that you have found what your heart yearns for. For this jewelry artist, she found it through creating jewelry. 

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This is Jezelle Saldana or known as @jewelrybyjiji on her Instagram account. She’s originally from British Columbia, Canada, but now lives in Hurricane, Utah. She has been making jewelry for four and a half years now. Jokingly, she said if you count making hemp necklaces, she pretty much started when she was 12! Well, it just seems that she had it in her all along, no?

Jezelle unexpectedly found her passion. Four and a half years ago, along with her best friend, she changed the radiator in her van and loved that sense of accomplishment it brought her plus being able to save money for her family. Soon after, she was looking for DIY Christmas gifts and found spoon rings. Afterwhich, she started making silverware jewelry and from there, things took off.  

She stuck with silverware jewelry for just over three years and then her dad passed away. She remembered how she’d always talked to him about wanting to try silversmithing at some point but didn’t have the funds to purchase everything to start. So, with her inheritance, she purchased everything she needed to begin. She watched a million YouTube videos on making rings and setting stones and as soon as she got everything she needed, that was the start! She has been silversmithing for over a year and she loves it so much!

One of the hardest parts of creating jewelry for Jezelle is pricing her work. According to her, it has gotten easier but it’s still a challenge. She added that when she’s making a piece that challenges her scope of knowledge, it’s a little rough but she appreciates the learning she gets from it. She has a few pieces that were a huge learning curve for her and she won’t ever forget them. 

When it comes to her creativity, she believes nature is such a big part of our world that it would be hard for it not to inspire her. 

As per gemstones, she told us she loves the history of turquoise. She loves native jewelry and has been purchasing a few amazing pieces over the years. Then, she has always thought it would be amazing to create her own pieces. Now that’s what we’re talking about! 

Check out her fantastic work! 


by @jewelrybyjiji on Instagram

She shared a practical tip for her fellow artists out there! Listen up to this: “One of my favorite things is that I use a non-toxic pickle, with white vinegar and take salt!! Such a great and inexpensive way to go!”

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What do you like most about working with Turquoise Moose?

"The turquoise they produce is just incredible and truly the best quality! Each piece is a masterpiece. They have the most unique and beautiful stones!!"

- Jezelle Saldana

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