Moose Spotlight: Nature-Loving Artist with Nature Inspired Pieces

"Every person sees the world in their own special way and sharing that perspective is what we need to bring people together."

- Kelsey, @brackishstudio





Jewelry Artist Kelsey Kuhn of @brackishstudio on Instagram



@brackishstudio on Instagram



Meet Kelsey Kuhn, a jewelry artist from Port Angeles, Washington. She is a self-taught artist for 4 years now and hasn't been doing it full time. You can see her creations on Instagram @brackishstudio 💚




For Kelsey, she was inspired to create jewelry because she can't find what she's looking for! She said, "I had a few specific pieces in my mind that I wanted to have, but never could find them… so I decided to learn how to make them!"




"Staring out was so exciting. New designs and concepts were always popping into my head at weird times like some scene in a TV show. So, I would always have a notebook to sketch my ideals in," Kelsey shared. The sundown studs and sunburst studs were some of the first design concepts she came up with and she learned so much while trying to bring her vision to life. 💚



Connections are amazing! Kelsey said that when she began making jewelry for her friends as gifts, one of them was wearing a pair of the sundown studs at work and her coworker liked them so much she asked for Kelsey's number so she could get a pair! 🥰




Asked to explain what's the meaning behind her brand name, Kelsey elaborated, "My inspiration, grounding, balance, and self discovery has always come from water. I grew up on The Great Lakes, spending every moment I could at the shores. When I found my new home in Port Angeles, WA and began making jewelry I felt “brackish” was an accurate representation of my creative soul: the combination of freshwater and salt water."




Here are some of Kelsey's beautiful creations!



Turquoise Jewelry by Kelsey Kuhn of @brackishstudio on Instagram




Jewelry by Kelsey Kuhn of @brackishstudio on Instagram




Handmade Jewelry by Kelsey Kuhn of @brackishstudio on Instagram









"When I created my first pair of kelp ear climbers!" Kelsey said when asked if she remembers the very first AHA moment she had. They turned out exactly how she imagined them. She has always loved the look of ear climbers and she was so happy she was able to create her own as she had pictured! 💚










Kelsey said that usually, the design comes to her at random or, when she's on a walk at the beach. So, often, she tries and have a notebook with her so she does not forget the moment of inspiration! 💚




Asked to describe her very own design style, she said it's inspired by nature. Adding, "I try and create jewelry that reminds me of a moment, or a thing I saw or felt while being outside. I tend to make more petite pieces that focuses on shapes/silhouettes and the stone." 





Here are a few more stunning pieces by Kelsey!




Turquoise Earrings by Kelsey Kuhn of @brackishstudio on Instagram






Jewelry by Kelsey Kuhn of @brackishstudio on Instagram




Jewelry Creations by Kelsey Kuhn of @brackishstudio on Instagram





What's one design tip you one to share with your fellow artists?


"Don’t give up on a design concept that you love or that is unique!!! Keep approaching it from different angels to solve the issue, because when it finally comes together it’s magic!"



One piece of technical advice on creating.


"Sometimes getting “the right tool” of the job makes life and your piece so much easier!"




Any words of encouragement or tips to those who are starting out in the world of jewelry-making?



"Do it! It’s such an expressive way to channel your creativity. Every person sees the world in their own special way and sharing that perspective is what we need to bring people together. Also, it may seem daunting but take each hurdle as a learning opportunity(lol) and you will feel like the best student in class😹"




Lastly, here's her message to the universe:




Blog Feature for Kelsey Kuhn of @brackishstudio by Turquoise Moose




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