Moose Spotlight: Modern Jewelry, vintage-inspired, ode to the Southwest

“Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent and independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure and a love of play.”

– Henri Matisse




Jewelry Artist Lauryn Volker of @rio_rose_jewelry on Instagram


@rio_rose_jewelry on Instagram


Meet jewelry artist Lauryn Volker of @rio_rose_jewelry on Instagram. Based in Coeur d’ Alene, ID (byway of NM and TX), she has been creating jewelry for 2 years now. 




One of Lauryn's earliest memories was playing in her grandmother's jewelry box. They lived in Colorado at the time, so to say that her grandmother had an outstanding Southwest Turquoise collection is an understatement, Lauryn shared. She has been an artist her entire life and have always worn and collected large sterling rings. "I got a wild hair to take a local “Big Ass Ring” class and literally bought all my tools the next day and haven’t looked back!"


For Lauryn, she thinks her biggest struggle has been the marketing and business side of things. She explained that the extroverted side of her loves making the jewelry, the introverted, private side of her hates doing the public aspect of the business. By forcing herself out of her comfort zone, it has really helped her to see the value of her work and gave her the confidence to make bolder, more authentically her jewelry.


Curious as to what's the story behind her Instagram handle/brand name, Lauryn said, "My entire childhood, I bounced back and forth between CO and CA, so I’ve spent a significant amount of time driving through the Southwest desert. Every time we drove through I would always look forward to seeing the Rio Grande. Fast forward to when I started making jewelry, I was living in TX and we had rose bushes at the entrance of our property. It just seemed like a lovely mix of where I’ve come from and where I’d like to go." 


Isn't that beautiful? :) 


Speaking of beautiful things, here are a few of Lauryn's stunning jewelry creations!


Turquoise Ring by Lauryn Volker of @rio_rose_jewelry on Instagram


Genuine Turquoise Ring by Lauryn Volker of @rio_rose_jewelry on Instagram


Genuine Turquoise Rings by Lauryn Volker of @rio_rose_jewelry on Instagram





Artists, no matter how experienced they are, still get moments that make them feel genuinely happy with what they do. For Lauryn, she recalled the first time she made a floral ring. "I was OVER-THE-MOON!! It was like an amazing, tiny puzzle had just come together." She said most of her florals still feel like that. She thinks that’s why she loves making them so much.


Here are a few more gorgeous creations by Lauryn!


Turquoise bolo by Lauryn Volker of @rio_rose_jewelry on Instagram


Authentic Turquoise Ring by Lauryn Volker of @rio_rose_jewelry on Instagram


Handmade Creations by Lauryn Volker of @rio_rose_jewelry on Instagram





"I always start with the stone," Lauryn said when asked what her design process looks like. Normally, she sketches a few options and see what feels best. Other times, she builds out the setting on her desk to see who goes with who.


Upon asking to describe her design style, Lauryn said it's a modern spin on Vintage Southwest.



What's one design tip you one to share with your fellow artists? 


"Try a different technique/tool/application every so often. It could be the game changer you never knew would save you hours of work!"


Any words of encouragement or tips to those who are starting out in the world of jewelry-making?


"Be true to yourself as a designer. Don’t make what you think people will want to buy, make what you love and the sales and follows will come!"


Lastly, here is Lauryn's message she wants to share to the universe:


Lauryn Volker Blog Feature by Turquoise Moose


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