Moose Spotlight: Making Stunning Handcrafted Sterling Silver Jewelry

This is Mandi Mae Black, the amazing jewelry artist behind on Instagram - also formerly known as @thegypsyfox! Based in Indiana, USA, she has been creating jewelry for three years now. 

Jewelry Artist Mandi Mae Black of on Instagram on Instagram


Being one of our favorite artists, we noticed Mandi works a lot with turquoise so we were curious as to where she sources her turquoise. She mentions she gets them from @turquoise_moose (yay!), @countryboycabs, and @mountaingirlcabs as well. 

From a silversmith's perspective, we wanted to know what kind of factors help in deciding as to which turquoise pieces to work with. According to Mandi, she goes for the ones that immediately take her breath away. Adding that vivid colors, polychromatic turquoise is probably her favorite! 

When it comes to the advantages of working with turquoise, she shares that the biggest pro is that it’s her all-time favorite material, emphasizing that it is a classic and always an eye-catcher. 

On the other hand, the biggest disadvantage of working with turquoise for Mandi is that it can be soft and porous and you have to take a little extra care when setting a stone.

As per her favorites, when we asked her this she says it’s hard to choose a favorite turquoise mine, but she particularly loves the vintage feel of No.8, the classic-ness of Royston, and the colors of Treasure Mountain. As far as shape, she mentions ovals, and for the size, the bigger the better!

Upon asking her if she has any bezeling technique to share, here’s what Mandi has to say! “Not sure if it’s a bezeling technique, but I love to use agate burnishers as a first step. They’re amazing for getting results without marring the metal.” 

As a brand, we make sure to do our best in being more environmentally-friendly. With this, we ask our favorite jewelry artists what are their steps in doing the same so as we could learn more! For Mandi, she prints shipping labels on recycled paper and she uses recycled filler as well. Adding, “I try to limit my carbon footprint as much as possible!” We love this!

Lastly, we asked if she has a favorite design technique or signature. Mandi shares that her favorite signature is to stamp pieces with her logo stamp! Now, she’s still experimenting to find what her signature design style is.

Take a look at some of her stunning turquoise jewelry designs!

Turquoise Jewelry by Mandi Mae Black of on Instagram

by Mandi Mae Black of on Instagram

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What do you like about working with Turquoise Moose?

“My favorite thing about working with TM is the customer service, hands down! You’re always quick to respond to messages and even send thank you emails after a purchase. Not to mention your killer stones. I love you guys!”

- Mandi Mae Black

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