Moose Spotlight: The Story of a Nature-Inspired Jewelry Artist

Meagan Samford of @samfordsilver on Instagram is a Texas-based jewelry artist and she has been doing it for one and a half years now. Since she was young, she has always loved turquoise jewelry and loved her grandma’s collections. Once she had kids, she began making jewelry for others.

Jewelry Artist Meagan Samford of @samfordsilver

@samfordsilver on Instagram

As mentioned, her grandma inspired her to start creating jewelry. Her travels to New Mexico influenced her to start creating as well. Being a person who loves nature and animals are some of the factors that contributed to Meagan’s journey to jewelry making. Living in Texas, she loves the sky as well as everything beautiful. She has always been an artist as she also draws and writes poems.

As a jewelry maker, one of the things that challenge Meagan is when her customers ask her to make things that she doesn’t particularly like. However, there are pieces that she can’t forget just like the coin cuff or the watch she made recently. She shared with us that a lady came to her. The customer’s mother had a watch for a long time, but it broke. The customer asked Meagan to make a similar one with a photo for a reference. To Meagan, she finds things such as this extremely meaningful as it was for her mom’s customer’s birthday.

As per stone pieces that she incorporates with her designs, Meagan chooses to work with turquoise because of its variations, different types, and the many characteristics of the stones. She also added that she’s fascinated by Native American history. She thinks they are the prettiest out of all and she loves how every stone is so unique and nothing really ever is the same. 

Check out some of her gorgeous designs!

Turquoise Jewelry by Meagan Samford of @samfordsilver

by @samfordsilver on Instagram

Although she has just gotten started one and a half years ago, Meagan shares that one tip she can share with her fellow creators is to never stop learning. “I am constantly learning and reading and watching videos on how to get things better,” and we think along with new knowledge, learning also helps you grow as a person - and we’re all about that as well!

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What do you like most about working with Turquoise Moose?

“Y’all are just really a step above anyone else in cutting. The different shapes are what I love.”

- Meagan Samford

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