Moose Spotlight: Creating Handmade Jewelry That Lasts

Meet Melanie LeGrand, the jewelry artist behind @angelicwhimsey on Instagram. Based in Georgia, USA she has been creating jewelry for seven years now.

Jewelry Artist Melanie LeGrand of @angelicwhimsey on Instagram

Melanie LeGrand of @angelicwhimsey on Instagram


Melanie graciously shared with us her jewelry journey. Back In 2005, her husband and she were celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary in Hawaii when she purchased a simple hand-knotted necklace handcrafted by a local artist.

Melanie shared that she wore that piece for years, which is now stored safely in her jewelry box as a wonderful keepsake, she told us she always wanted to know how to make it but did not really know how to make it happen.

Cut to 2012, right after Melanie’s son was born. For her, naptime was equal to ME time, so with this she started exploring online classes for mixed media art, sewing, painting, jewelry making, etc. It then quickly transferred to crochet, macramé, knotting, and thread.

In her own words, Melanie said, “I fell in love with the quiet, methodical rhythm of knotting! Thanks to the internet, it didn’t take long before I discovered new classes, magazines, and books in metalsmithing to take my interests and ideas to the next level.”

Just like every artist, Melanie also faces challenges with what she does. For her, it is having enough time to explore and create all the ideas in her head. She also shared that she sells components on Facebook and does weekly shows.

In addition, she has also been helping her 8-year-old son with remote learning since school started. Melanie stated how there just never seems to be enough time, which she said can also be a good thing as there is always something fun to look forward to.

Inspiration is everywhere. For Melanie, being able to spend time in nature is where all her best ideas come from. I answered more about this up above.

She states, “I can find inspiration from leaves, wildlife, bark on trees, the wind blowing, the color of the sky…it’s the simple things that inspire me. I love to hike and kayak. Nothing can compare to a lazy float down the river while observing and soaking up every little thing I can.” She adds that she also often finds heart rocks, or rather, they find her. They are everywhere she explores, and they feel like a blessing each time she finds one.

Being lovers of turquoise, we had to ask her why she likes working with it. To which, she started her answer with a question as well! “What is it about Turquoise? You’re either in love with it or you aren’t. I am SO in love with Turquoise!”

She expounds that turquoise just stands out and it demands attention in the best way, saying, “You just want to admire it.” The colors are mesmerizing The mere fact that Mother Nature created this beautiful stone and that it can be found on earth is so cool to Melanie.

Moreover, she finds the history of the mines fascinating and adding how she has a great deal of respect for the Native American culture and the talented individuals who have passed down their knowledge. Melanie says she simply loves Turquoise and it would always be her first choice of stone.

When she visited Arizona last spring, Melanie said she has learned so much about Turquoise just in the last year and a half. Now, she wishes she had taken the time to visit a mine while she was there.

Take a look at some of her wonderful jewelry designs!

Turquoise Jewelry by Melanie LeGrand of @angelicwhimsey on Instagram


by Melanie LeGrand of @angelicwhimsey on Instagram


We asked Melanie to share her number one tip with her co-artist. We hope you find this one inspiring as much as we do!

“Be curious. Step out of your comfort zone. Do what makes you happy. Find that thing that sparks excitement in your heart and listen. Follow that lead. See where it takes you. Spend some time. Some money. Take the class. Buy the supply, even if the cheap one is the only one you can afford right now. One step at a time and you will find you’re on your way.”

If you ever get moments when you feel like you’re lost sometimes, we hope you find the next beautiful statements from Melanie encouraging!

“Your journey is not someone else’s. It does no good to compare my journey or my work to someone else. My journey is unique to me. I want to celebrate my unique gifts and not be concerned if they don’t look like someone else’s gifts. I say it (to myself) all the time, to everything there is a season. It can be overwhelming to not get to where you want to go as fast as you want to get there. But what can you do today that will make a difference in your journey? The step you take today decides the direction you’re headed tomorrow.”

Such beautiful sentiments coming from such an amazing artist, right?

What do you like most about working with Turquoise Moose?

“I like the fact that they are both professional and personal, and their love for Turquoise is evident in the selection and supply they bring to their clients. I have found their Turrqoise to not only be beautiful, but quality crafted. And I love the website too! Makes it convenient to browse at any time.”

- Melanie Grand


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