Moose Spotlight: Creating Beautiful Handmade Jewelry

This is Natalie Chevalier, the jewelry artist behind the Instagram account @whitewolfsyndicate. Based in Chicago, she has been silversmithing for three years now and has been tinkering with jewelry for five years. Most of her work can be found on her Instagram page and she also has a few pieces listed on her husband’s website. 

Jewelry Artist Natalie Chevalier of @whitewolfsyndicate on Instagram

@whitewolfsyndicate on Instagram

We asked where does she source her turquoise cabochons, Natalie says she gets it through Instagram from tons of awesome vendors, through Turquoise Moose, and the Otteson Family. 

Curious as to what helps creators in choosing which turquoise pieces they get, we also asked Natalie how does she decide which turquoise to purchase. She explains that she feels now she can narrow down stones to fit certain designs she has in mind when she used to buy because she likes the colors. Now, she adds, “I look for interesting matrix and bright or unique colors... like Turquoise Moose’s Bamboo Mountain.”

From the perspective of jewelry designers, we wanted to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of working with turquoise. Natalie states that the pros of integrating turquoise in her designs are its variety and connection to the earth. While its con is there is so much to choose from. Who feels the same? 

Personally, Natalie’s favorite turquoise mines are the following: Royston, New Lander, White Buffalo, Hubei, and Bamboo Mountain. As per her favorite shapes, she mentions Teardrop or Square. 

When we asked if she has any bezeling techniques to share, Natalie says she feels like she’s still learning as she goes, but she invests in a small set of burnishers for finishing. 

In our efforts in doing our best to be more environmentally responsible, we try to learn from artists as well. On Natalie’s part, she shares she either recycles or uses every scrap of metal, including her silver dust. 

As per her favorite technique, she explains, “My favorite design technique is using the body as inspiration. The flow, how it will lay, and will it be comfortable for the person wearing it is always important in my designs.” Ah, beautiful! 

Here are some of Natalie’s stunning turquoise jewelry pieces! 

Turquoise Jewelry by Natalie Chevalier of @whitewolfsyndicate on Instagram


Turquoise Jewelry by Natalie Chevalier of @whitewolfsyndicate on Instagram


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What do you like about working with Turquoise Moose?

“I love Turquoise Moose’s curated eye, their professionalism, and attention to detail when showcasing stones.”

- Natalie Chevalier

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