Moose Spotlight: Handmade Jewelry Inspired by Flora, Fauna, and Folklore

"Don't try to please other people, find your own style that makes you happy."

- Rachel O'Donnell of @flatlands.jewellery







Jewelry Artist Rachel O'Donnell of @flatlands.jewellery on Instagram




@flatlands.jewellery on Instagram





This is Rachel O'Donnell, a jewelry artist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She is the amazing artist behind @flatlands.jewellery on Instagram and she has been creating jewelry for less than a year now. 








For Rachel, what got her started on creating jewelry is simple. It was because of all of the incredible silversmiths on Instagram she has encountered!



"I started by doing a night class once a week," Rachel said. She loved it so much she got her home studio set up as soon as possible and have just been pushing herself and trying to advance her skills every day.



Recalling the very first person to purchase her piece, it was a bittersweet moment for Rachel. She shared, "It was actually my grandmother who bought my first piece." Her grandmother just passed last month so Rachel said it was a little hard to think about. "She did so much to support me and she was a huge influence on my life."



The story behind her brand name is quite simple, too! It's from a beautiful song called Flatlands by Chelsea Wolfe.




Let's take a look at some of Rachel's creations! 



Turquoise Ring by Rachel O'Donnell of @flatlands.jewellery on Instagram



Handmade Necklace by Rachel O'Donnell of @flatlands.jewellery on Instagram




Handmade Jewelry by Rachel O'Donnell of @flatlands.jewellery on Instagram







Asked if Rachel remembers her AHA moments when creating, she said, "Almost every time I try something new for the first time and it works, I feel like this!"




Let's take a look at some more creations by Rachel!



Handmade Ring by Rachel O'Donnell of @flatlands.jewellery on Instagram




Genuine Necklace by Rachel O'Donnell of @flatlands.jewellery on Instagram





Jewelry Creations by Rachel O'Donnell of @flatlands.jewellery on Instagram









Rachel's creation process always starts with sketches. She draws out patterns and designs and then she tries to think about colors and which type of stone would be best for a specific design. Rachel tries to not buy stones if she doesn't have a plan for them yet.



She likes to try and be inspired by nature. In addition, Rachel also likes to let the gemstones speak for themselves a lot, and she's working on adding more embellishments like leaves and flowers.






What's one design tip you one to share with your fellow artists? 



"Make things that you would wear for yourself! Don't try to please other people, find your own style that makes you happy. My favourite tip is one I learned from a maker called Sticks and Stones, she said just make things that you like - things that you would want to wear, and I think about that every time I start something new"




Any words of encouragement or tips to those who are starting out in the world of jewelry-making?




"Don't rush it, take your time and get it right."



Lastly, her message to the universe: 



Rachel O'Donnell Blog Feature by Turquoise Moose




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