Moose Spotlight: Creating Jewelry For Love

Meet Savannah Cheney, jewelry artist based from Chamberlain, South Dakota, and the creator behind @buffalospiritdesigns on Instagram. She has been creating jewelry for one year now. 

Jewelry Artist Savannah Cheney of @buffalospiritdesigns on Instagram

@buffalospiritdesigns on Instagram

When we asked Savannah how she got started making jewelry, she shared how it’s out of unconditional love, which is her higher power. According to her, she has always felt more connected while she is creating. She needed a safe place to cope with her emotions of grief. Her daughter is always her inspiration and to her, she always shows her the light. What she does is for her daughter; she even lovingly said, “shine on babygirl. ✨” How sweet!

As an artist, Savannah shared how she has learned throughout her journey in jewelry making that it’s important to stop the perfectionism and embrace the uncertainty and to trust the process. In the end, she said her pieces come out completely different and ten times better than what she has pictured and designed in mind.

For inspiration, Savannah stated it inspires her in a sense that it is always changing and that she follows the mantra change is inevitable and to let go and let it flow.

Working with turquoise pieces for her designs, Savannah recalls when she was a kid she’d always remember trying on her mom’s turquoise pieces. Stating that there’s something about the way turquoise makes her feel and that she’s here for it.

We asked what one advice she can give to her fellow creators and Savannah highlighted writing down one’s goals, whatever that might be, and to do it right now. We think that truly helps!

Take a look at some of her amazing pieces!

Turquoise Jewelry by Savannah Cheney of @buffalospiritdesigns on Instagram

by Savannah Cheney of @buffalospiritdesigns on Instagram

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What do you like most about working with Turquoise Moose?

“Turquoise Moose pays attention to the little things that I love most in life which involve communication & connection—> along with amazing quality stones. ✨”

- Savannah Cheney

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