Moose Spotlight: Bold and Eclectic Jewelry Creations

"Always make it your own. Dig deep and find what lights your soul and creative energy."

- Sheren Cherri of @bluerockiessilverstudio







Jewelry Artist Sheren Cherri of @bluerockiessilverstudio




@bluerockiessilverstudio on Instagram




Meet Sheren Cherri, a jewelry artist based in New Brunswick, Canada. She has been creating jewelry for 4 years now, and her creations can be seen on Instagram @bluerockiessilverstudio.








Sheren started making charm earrings and necklaces, then learned how to solder copper. She got instantly hooked and mesmerized by stones and the possibility of silver, and mixed metals. So she started collecting stones and making a variety of styles until she found her theme. Sheren added, "My work is inspired by abstract, textures, the Rockies and the oceans."




When Sheren was starting out, she shared that she didn't have the right tools or correct method of filing and sanding so that the piece came out flawless. "I highly suggest looking up a starter pack for smithing and buying everything on that list! The right tools make a world of difference. And keep adding to your toolset!"




Recalling her very first piece sold, Sheren described it as a pair of abalone ear jackets with a jade stud. "It was sold to someone in California and I was so excited about it." After that, she was inspired to make more sales so she kept going!



Asked if there was a story behind her brand name, Sheren said she is a nature loving girl. "I grew up in NS, lived in Alberta for a while and just recently made a move to NB. I have an immense love for the mountains and the ocean and everything in it," she explained. Blue is a nod to the oceans, Rockies is a nod to the mountains. Best of both incorporated into silver, as she said. :)



Let's take a look at some of Sheren's gorgeous creations!




Turquoise Earrings by Sheren Cherri of @bluerockiessilverstudio on Instagram




Turquoise Rings by Sheren Cherri of @bluerockiessilverstudio on Instagram



Turquoise Jewelry by Sheren Cherri of @bluerockiessilverstudio on Instagram








"Oh yes! If you take a look at my Instagram, I have a theme of texturing borders and this is my absolute favourite design so far and I'm so happy my customers agree!" Sheren said if she remembers an AHA moment. She continued that it adds texture, contrast, separates her from the rest of the talent, and it sparkles so good!



Here are a few more beautiful work by Sheren :)




Turquoise Jewelry by Sheren Cherri of @bluerockiessilverstudio on Instagram





Handmade Cuff by Sheren Cherri of @bluerockiessilverstudio on Instagram





Handmade Turquoise Ring by Sheren Cherri of @bluerockiessilverstudio on Instagram




Handmade Jewelry by Sheren Cherri of @bluerockiessilverstudio on Instagram









"I will take pencil to paper and sketch around a stone I've chosen. Once I'm happy with it I'll start making the silver components to bring the piece to life." Sheren shared when asked what's her creating process like. Sometimes she'll use images she has taken from her various trips as inspiration, too.



When Sheren was asked to describe her design style, she said, "My style has like a boho-classy-geometric-nature feel for it. If that's a style! In other words, It's bold and eclectic."






What's one design tip you one to share with your fellow artists?


"Always make it your own. Dig deep and find what lights your soul and creative energy. Go on a trip, a walk, read a book or watch a sunset. And I promise you the design will bring itself forward. Never give up on a design you've been working on, it will come together! And always strive to make it better if that's an option!"



One piece of technical advice on creating.



"Buy tools. Save your money and buy tools. They make all the difference! And spend time on finishing the piece. It may not be the fun part but definitely an important part!"



Any words of encouragement or tips to those who are starting out in the world of jewelry-making?



"Always be supportive, ask questions, take help and lend help. It's a small community and making smithing friends is a wonderful experience!"



Lastly, Sheren's message to the universe: 



Sheren Cherri Blog Feature by Turquoise Moose




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