Moose Spotlight: Life Inspired, Retro-Modern Creations

"Don't be afraid to try new things & put yourself out there. You are gonna fail at times but that's ok..."

- Stacey of @47sunsjewelry







Jewelry Artist Stacey of @47sunsjewelry on Instagram




@47sunsjewelry on Instagram









Meet jewelry artist Stacey, originally from Wisconsin, she's now based in Portland, Oregon. She started teaching herself metalsmithing for about seven years ago. Her creations can be seen on her Instagram @47sunsjewelry 💚



"I find inspiration in all things organic and/or authentic; ranging from our beautiful planet to personal relationships, from plants & animals to fruits & vegetables, from flowers to art." Stacey explained as to what inspired her to start creating jewelry. 



Stacey described the early stages of her journey in two words: slow-moving and frustrating! She shared how she was in a big hurry to learn everything as fast as possible, which she now knows that's not how it works. At that time, Stacey said she was broke and tools are expensive. It took years but she finally realized that slowing down, paying attention to the details, and being very patient were imperative for success.




To this date, Stacey still remembers selling her very first piece on none other than Instagram! 




With a really beautiful brand name, Stacey explained that 47 is the atomic number of silver on the periodic table, and the sun, almost universally, represents gold. It's her fun way of saying silver and gold! How clever, right? ✨




Let's take a look at some of Stacey's gorgeous creations! 






Turquoise Rings by Stacey of @47sunsjewelry on Instagram







Turquoise Necklace by Stacey of @47sunsjewelry on Instagram





Handmade Turquoise Jewelry by Stacey of @47sunsjewelry on Instagram












Creating for almost seven years, Stacey still remembers the very first AHA! moment she had. She recalled one of the first techniques she learned was riveting. Adding, "Actually, my dear friend taught me to make a simple but beautiful riveted ring. After a few weeks of practicing things finally clicked, and I remember feeling so accomplished & proud of myself!" 🫶🏼











When Stacey creates, she said it always depends but she almost never sketches her ideas out with pencil and paper. Typically, she starts a project with a very simple or crude design in her mind, and then sort of sketch with metal. Stacey said, "I like being able to play around and move parts and pieces around until I figure out where they're supposed to go. I am a visual/hands-on person to a fault! ;)" 





Asked to describe her own design style, this talented artist said "I think the best way to describe my work is life inspired retro-modern :)" 💚




Let's check out a few more amazing pieces by Stacey! 






Turquoise Stacker Rings by Stacey of @47sunsjewelry on Instagram






Turquoise Bar Pendant by Stacey of @47sunsjewelry on Instagram






Handmade Turquoise Necklaces by Stacey of @47sunsjewelry on Instagram






Turquoise Jewelry by Jewelry Artist Stacey of @47sunsjewelry on Instagram












What's one design tip you one to share with your fellow artists?




"Always design & create from an authentic space!"





One piece of technical advice on creating.




"Learn the rules of whatever technique you're executing so you know why and when to break them!"





Any words of encouragement or tips to those who are starting out in the world of jewelry-making?




"Always try to keep your chin up and practice patience! Making quality jewelry requires time, experimenting, and lots of practice. Don't be afraid to try new things and put yourself out there. You are gonna fail at times but that's ok; it makes your successes that much more rewarding!"





Lastly, here's her message to the universe: 




Blog Feature for Stacey of @47sunsjewelry by Turquoise Moose





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