Moose Spotlight: Fueling One’s Passion For Art With Creating Jewelry

Susan Green is the jewelry artist behind @greencatjewelry. The Modesto, CA-based artist shared with us that she has always been fascinated by women who wear jewelry and the jewelry itself, which is why she got into smithing in the first place. She mentioned she learned how to make jewelry by herself. Now, she’s been creating jewelry for eight years.

Jewelry Artist Susan Green of @greencatjewelry on Instagram

@greencatjewelry on Instagram

She shares she mostly gets her turquoise cabochons from her friends, @cabochoncowboy, and @turquoise_moose. In addition, the factors that help her when making the decision on which pieces to work with usually are quality, price, Susan’s emotional reaction to the stone, and if that stone inspires her to create.

It’s truly special when you find that kind of connection upon seeing a stone, right?

As always, we wanted to know from the jewelry artists’ perspectives what are the advantages and disadvantages of working with turquoise. Susan shares she finds turquoise a pleasure to work with because of its variation, how it’s rich in colors, and patterns. She adds that it is said to be a good luck stone and it has such wonderful energy to it.

The cons of working with turquoise for Susan are the following: according to her, good quality turquoise is not always easy to find. It can be soft and sometimes one can be fooled by a vendor selling processed or fake stones, which to an artist, is definitely disappointing!

Check out this blog for a couple of tips on how to know if you’re turquoise is genuine or fake!

Susan says she doesn’t have a particular favorite shape or size of turquoise as she loves them all, but she declares that her favorite turquoise mine has to be Sand Hill. Take a look at our collection here!

Curious as to what kind of efforts artists are doing in choosing to be more environmentally-friendly, we also asked Susan! She mentions, “ I like to check out each source to see that they are environmentally-friendly, then I want to use their product. I personally try to recycle silver as much as I can.” We love and appreciate this as we try to do our best as well in being kinder to the environment!

Lastly, we asked if she had a favorite or a signature design style when she’s creating. She says she’s all about letting the stones do the talking by creating simple designs with bezel settings to show off a stone’s real beauty.

Take a look at some of her amazing work!

Turquoise Jewelry by Susan Green of @greencatjewelry on Instagram

by Susan Green of @greencatjewelry on Instagram

More of Susan on Instagram:
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e) Most of All the Trust I have in them. I never have to think twice when I need turquoise. I know where to go."

- Susan Green


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