The Most Iconic Royston Turquoise Jewelry Designs

Some believe that turquoise can bring you more in touch with the spiritual world. Royston turquoise is arguably one of the most beautiful specimens of this type of stone. The colors and patterns are unique due to how they mix traditional turquoise with shades of amber and gold.

It is no surprise that this type of turquoise jewelry is very popular. But what are some of the most iconic Royston turquoise jewelry designs? Keep reading and learn more about your options below.

Royston Turquoise Necklaces

Necklaces are one of the most popular Royston turquoise jewelry looks. Necklaces allow you to show off the beauty of this unique stone. There are many different types of turquoise necklaces.

Consider beaded necklaces. Each bead is quite small but still large enough to show off its unique colors. Beaded necklaces are on the dainty side and they are easy to style with different outfits.


Royston turquoise stones


They may consist of one beaded chain or several. Several chains give the necklace a chunkier and bolder look. Some chains are short while others are long. You can even add a pendant and use a stone like Royston turquoise.

Long necklaces are great for making a statement or styling with boho clothes. Short necklaces are a bit more of your everyday look. Beaded necklaces are subtle, but not too subtle.

If you want a bolder look, then you can opt for another type of turquoise necklace. Some necklaces use whole turquoise stones instead of little beads. Each stone may be surrounded by a metallic facet to bring more attention to the piece.

Others may consist of bare stones strung together without any extra decoration. The stones alone are very striking. As soon as people notice what you're wearing, they'll be sure to compliment you.

The Details

Larger stones allow the turquoise to show off its natural shades of blue, green, brown, or other turquoise shades. Large stone necklaces are also great statement pieces. This type of necklace is the kind that you wear or create to make a statement.

You can style this type of necklace with almost anything. It is especially great over solid clothes like a black turtleneck. This is because it will attract even more attention to the necklace.

It is a perfect look for those who love chunky jewelry. There are also more delicate options like turquoise pendants. This consists of a simple chain of silver or gold with a single stone of turquoise on the end.

While this is a relatively straightforward jewelry design, this doesn't mean that it isn't an attractive one. The more minimalist design still catches the eye without being too bold. It is ideal for those who prefer a more toned-down look.

It offers a more delicate style. Everyone can still admire the beauty of the Royston turquoise. The exact necklace design you choose will depend on your preference for style.


Royston Turquoise Earrings

More people have their ears pierced than ever before. Unsurprisingly, there are more options for earrings than you could dream of. Turquoise earrings are perfect for those who love this stone.

As with necklaces, there are many design options you can consider. The most common option is large turquoise stones that have been made into earrings. These stones are usually polished to show off their natural colors.

They may or may not be cut. Many people like the shape of natural turquoise stones. They add to the unique nature of the earrings.


Royston ribbon turquoise cabs


Others may prefer the stones cut into particular shapes. Ovals are very popular. They offer plenty of surface area to show off the colors and patterns in the stones.

Ovals are also large and make the earrings more noticeable. They help frame the face and slim the neck. Another popular shape is a circle or orb.

Cutting turquoise into this shape may make the product a bit more expensive. This is because a lot of the turquoise will go to waste. But the result will be visually striking.

Circular turquoise earrings are smaller but still very noticeable. They may dangle or they may come in the form of stud earrings. Both will complement any ear they happen to rest upon.

Turquoise earrings are usually framed by a silver or gold facet. This attracts more attention to the earrings and gives the stones a unique look. The facets may have small chips of turquoise on them to give the earrings a more complex look.

What You Need to Know

They may also contain small specimens of other stones like quartz to add extra sparkle. Turquoise earrings may come in unique shapes as well. Some are shaped to look like flowers or other designs.

This adds to the complexity and the "wow" factor of these earrings. But more complex designs may be more expensive. Some turquoise earrings may be blended with earrings of other styles.

Some may consist of hoop earrings but have small turquoise designs scattered throughout. Some may be part of a set and come with rings or necklaces. Other earrings may consist of raw turquoise stones.

These are stones that have not been cut or polished. Raw turquoise always has a unique look because it has been untouched since it came out of the ground. This gives the earrings an interesting texture, shape, and color.

Dangle earrings are especially popular with this type of stone. Having several turquoise stones dangling from your ears is a great way to attract attention. It is also a great way to make a statement.

All eyes will be on you as soon as you enter the room. Matching your earrings with other examples of turquoise jewelry will make you even more eye-catching. You can choose a pair of earrings that complements your unique style.

This will allow people to admire your sense of dressing and styling yourself. Turquoise earrings aren't that expensive, either. You won't have to break the bank to make a splash in the world with your earrings.

Royston Turquoise Rings

Royston turquoise rings are very popular. Most of them are chunky to show off their colors, but this is not always the case. Many people love big turquoise rings because of how bold and noticeable they are.

Some people wear several rings on their hands. These rings are usually surrounded by silver or silver-plated facets. Silver is often preferred over gold since it better complements the shade of turquoise.

But because Royston turquoise has warm veins of amber, gold facets may also complement the stone. Turquoise rings consist of one big stone held by the facet.

But some rings have several stones. This gives the ring a more complex and unique look.

Some rings may have designs like turquoise flowers. Others may have facets that are also decorative and have designs of feathers or swirls.

Some people prefer rings that consist of large stones. Oval rings are very popular because they make the fingers appear longer and slimmer. Rectangle rings are also popular for the same reason. Surfboard shape stones are also good for statement pieces.

What to Know

These larger rings also allow the turquoise to show off more of its colors. Smaller, circular rings are also great choices. They are daintier but still bold enough to attract attention.

Some people like to stack rings on the same fingers. This provides an extra chunky look. This is a great thing to do if you can't decide between different rings and want to show them off all at once.

If you have one favorite turquoise ring, try wearing this on its own. Wearing one ring on your hand also works to attract attention. This is because there won't be any other pieces of jewelry around to distract from it.

Wearing turquoise rings with other pieces of jewelry is also something you can try. Many people like to match their rings with turquoise necklaces and bracelets for an extra-bold look. Matching your turquoise rings with rings that have other gemstones can make for a very colorful look.

The final look all depends on how you want to style your jewelry.

All about Royston Turquoise Designs

Royston turquoise is a very unique type of turquoise. It is famous for its amber-colored veins mixed with traditional turquoise. Some of the most popular Royston turquoise jewelry designs are earrings, necklaces, and rings.


Royston turquoise stones for jewelry



This type of jewelry is sure to attract attention. Looking to learn more about Royston turquoise stones? Check out our unique selection.



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