Moose Spotlight: 12 Must-Have Turquoise Jewelry For You

Undeniably, turquoise is not only one of the most popular gemstones around but is also one of the most well-loved among jewelry enthusiasts. Its colors are all so eye-catching, its matrixes are incredibly unique, so it’s not at all surprising as to why many of us love it! 

Turquoise jewelry is another thing. Once you see a jewelry design you like so much that it connects with you on a deeper level, that’s a game-changer. We bet jewelry artists are over the moon every time customers give that kind of admiration to their creations. After all, creating something doesn’t only take a lot of hard work, but also heart, right? 

At Team Moose, we love seeing all your creations! We are so unbelievably in awe of each artist’s talent in creating jewelry, which is why we decided to pick a few of our favorite pieces in this blog! 

If we were to feature them all, this might take a while. But for now, we hope you enjoy this list!



It’s always a nice idea to vamp up your outfit with a beautiful turquoise pendant - whether it looks dainty or bold, it always depends on your mood!

Turquoise Necklace by @ariojewerly on Instagram | Turquoise Moose

By @ariojewelry. This makes us think of E.E. Cummings poem, “I carry your heart with me, (I carry it in my heart)...” The simplicity and classic look of this design got us wanting to have these beauties wrapped around our necks. 

Turquoise Necklace by @wildseptemberjewelry on Instagram | Turquoise Moose

Half-moon dreaming with @wildseptemberjewelry! We think any moon lovers out there will appreciate this and would even want to have their own. There’s a certain quiet charm each of these pieces bring, no? How lovely!

Turquoise Necklace by @mountainjackscreative on Instagram | Turquoise Moose

As lovers of nature, we are always delighted whenever we see turquoise pieces created by @mountainjackscreative. The integration of trees, mountains, and anything that involves the outdoors leaves us wanting for more. This particular turquoise necklace is perfect for anyone who loves a good adventure!


It’s always a good day to have a good turquoise ring wrapped around your fingers, right? 

Turquoise Ring by @silverandsaltdesigns on Instagram | Turquoise Moose

Created by @silverandsaltdesigns. It’s all in the details! Whenever you feel like you want to hype yourself up, this is the type of ring that’ll bring out that inner fire in you! 

Turquoise Ring by @cbgems on Instagram | Turquoise Moose

By the incredible @cbgems. If you’re looking for a statement turquoise ring, this is definitely it! For all of you who go by “the bigger, the better,” we think you’ll love this as much as we do. Oh, and look at that design - truly astounding! 

Turquoise Ring by @smj.designs on Instagram | Turquoise Moose

A timeless look by @smj.designs! We love how some special pieces are made to last a really long time - like this one, we think it will be passed down from one generation to another - and isn’t that such a lovely thing to have with the people you love the most? 


Because really, who doesn’t love a good pair of turquoise earrings? 

Turquoise Earrings by @bespokenjewelry on Instagram | Turquoise Moose

Turquoise hoops by the incredibly talented @bespokenjewelry! To be honest, this is just one of her many amazing creations, but these beauties are extra special as they make us feel like with these on, anyone who wears them can take over the world. Don’t you just love how a certain piece of jewelry makes you feel empowered? 

Turquoise Earrings by @anastaja.art8 on Instagram | Turquoise Moose


Turquoise rings in different colors by! Perfect for your everyday look, what do you think? 

Turquoise Earrings by @spiritmountainsilver on Instagram | Turquoise Moose

By the wonderful artist @spiritmountainsilver! This one, we feel like it’s either you have to tie your hair up to show this pair of turquoise earrings off, or simply tuck your hair. Oh, to have these beauties dangling… such a perfect sight to see! 


A turquoise cuff would always feel like a powerful thing to have for us. How does it make you feel?

Turquoise Bracelet by @mountainrayshandmade on Instagram | Turquoise Moose

Simply amazing cuffs by @mountainrayshandmade! We love how it can be worn for an everyday look while also having it to flaunt. Anyone with us on this?

Turquoise Bracelet by @solitudeinsilver on Instagram | Turquoise Moose

Hot diggity dang beauty by @solitudeinsilver! It feels like being equipped with lots of turquoise power when this one is worn! What is this piece saying to you? 

Turquoise Bracelet by @suzbana on Instagram | Turquoise Moose

Turquoise pow by @suzbana. We love how this one screams look at me! This gorgeous cuff definitely demands and deserves attention - those intricate details wouldn’t go unnoticed!

Et voila! We truly enjoyed sharing with you a couple of our long-time favorite turquoise jewelry pieces from some of our favorite artists. 

We also want to take this time to thank everyone for trusting our Moose Certified turquoise cabochons! Having this incredible and supportive community, we always make sure to provide you high-quality turquoise pieces so you can ALWAYS focus on your designs. 

We hope you enjoyed it as well and we look forward to featuring more spectacular creations from YOU!

Much love, 

Team Moose xoxo

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