3 Mesmerizing Turquoise Creations from Jewelry to Accessories

Happy Sunday, Moose friends! The holidays are so close and during this time of the year, we get extra excited about seeing your Made with Moose creations. Truly, each piece is one-of-a-kind and we are thrilled to share with you creations by three talented jewelry artists from our Moose community on Instagram! 


Royston Ribbon Turquoise Earrings by @whitetailridgedesign


royston ribbon turquoise earrings by @whitetailridgedesign


 by @whitetailridgedesign on Instagram


Everything about this gorgeous pair of turquoise earrings by @whitetailridgedesign is stunning! The beautiful design and intricate details create more magic - with the ever-so-enchanting Royston ribbon turquoise as the centerpiece! Obsessed is the word we're going to use for this pair 😍


Take a look at our collection of Royston turquoise cabochons, including some royston ribbon turquoise in the mix!


Turquoise Hat Pins by @ninthhouse


turquoise hat pins by @ninthhouse


by @ninthhouse on Instagram


How can you not swoon over these? 💚 As turquoise lovers, we definitely got giddy upon seeing these gorgeous turquoise hat pins by @ninthhouse. Makes you want to have one, yeah? 


Take a look at our collection of turquoise cabochons, from different mines across the world! Available in different classic and unique shapes for your creations.  


Treasure Mountain Rings in Oval and Half-Moon Shape by @canaanjewelry


treasure mountain turquoise rings by @canaanjewelry


by @canaanjewelry on Instagram


These treasure mountain turquoise rings by @canaanjewelry have truly captivated us! The oval-shaped one, with its understated beauty, and the half-moon-shaped one, in all of its enchanting beauty! 😍 It is such a delight to see these classic and timeless designs!


Browse and create with our collection of Treasure Mountain turquoise cabochons for your next creations. 


Every week, this is one of the things we look forward to sharing with the Moose community - your creations! Such in awe of your creative minds and incredible talent! We look forward to seeing more of your Made with Moose creations - please tag us on Instagram @turquoise_moose to get featured! 


ICYMI, we also dropped our biggest product update of 2023 this week! Check out new turquoise gemstones and more gemstones for jewelry here ✨ Happy creating!


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