Medium Pink Cushion Cobaltoan Calcite, Set of 6


Large Pink Teardrop Cobaltoan Calcite, Set of 4


Medium Pink Cushion Cobaltoan Calcite, Set of 6


Medium Pink Surfboard Cobaltoan Calcite, Set of 6

Unearth the captivating magic of Cobaltoan Calcite by delving into our exquisite collection today. Renowned for its vibrant pink to reddish hues and serene energy, this rare gemstone boasts calming properties that promote emotional balance and inner peace. Crafted through a unique fusion of calcium carbonate and traces of cobalt, each Cobaltoan Calcite specimen is a natural marvel, emanating warmth and tranquility. Whether used in meditation or as a decorative accent, its gentle energy fosters deeper connections with oneself and others, inviting you to embrace the beauty of the present moment. Experience the transformative power of Cobaltoan Calcite with our carefully curated selection.

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