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Sand Hill Turquoise is easily one of the top loves of jewelry artists who work with turquoise in their designs. When Moose introduced it a couple of years ago, it has grown to be a crowd favorite.


With its undeniable striking yet pale and faint characteristics, we have no doubt how there are a lot of amazing turquoise ring designs featuring sand hill turquoise cabochons! 


Here are a few of our current favorite ring designs by amazing jewelry artists, using Moose Sand Hill turquoise cabochons.


Jessica of @kentucky925 on Instagram


Sand Hill Turquoise Ring by @kentucky925 on Instagram


Here's another view to appreciate this beauty more!


Sand Hill Turquoise Ring #2 by @kentucky925 on Instagram


@kentucky925 on Instagram


Jessica shared this design is a handcrafted sterling silver ring inspired by ancient Egyptian art.

Jess of @charcoalandlace



Sand Hill Turquoise Ring #2 by @charcoalandlace on Instagram


Another view to check this stunning ring in action!


Sand Hill Turquoise Ring by @charcoalandlace on Instagram


@charcoalandlace on Instagram

She shared that her mama  picked out this stone specifically because it was different and she described it as “blurry”.


She loved hearing what her mom saw in it and why she loved it. Look how gorgeous it turned out, right? 



Alison of @alisonblairstudio



Sand Hill Turquoise Ring by @alisonblairstudio on Instagram

This magical faint blue and chocolate Sand Hill Turquoise cab ring, is one-of-a-kind, uniquely created by Alison Blair Studio, an incredibly talented artist based in Boulder, Colorado.

The handmade stepped bezel gives this gorgeous stone the platform it deserves, set atop an extra-wide patterned band. Oxidized, hammered and distressed, the sterling silver components juxtapose beautifully with bold, vibrant stone.


If you can't get enough like we do, here's one more sand hill turquoise cuff created by Alison! 


Sand Hill Turquoise Cuff by @alisonblairstudio on Instagram


by @alisonblairstudio on Instagram

Stephanie of @saltwater.and.silver



Sand Hill Turquoise Ring by @saltwater.and.silver on Instagram



Stephanie has been creating jewelry with sharks teeth for about 6 years now, prior to starting her silversmith business, but ultimately new that this was something she wanted to incorporate into her precious metal, heirloom jewelry.



She shared that this style is called the Salacia Ring; she is the goddess of saltwater and each piece Stephanie creates she works to infuse it with saltwater goddess energy- whether simple or complex. A way to wear the power and fluidity of the ocean everyday, no matter where you are in the world.


A beautiful story behind a lovely ring, yes? 🥰


Amy of @amberskyjewelry


Sand Hill Turquoise Ring by @amberskyjewelry


Amy said that Sand Hill Turquoise is a stone that can easily stand all its own! For this ring, she wanted to create a minimalist design that made the stone the focal point and show off its dreamy hues. Amy added she could easily get lost in the colors. In her own words, she explained, "It’s so grounding, and invokes a feeling of taking in a beautiful landscape in nature."

From @shopivyandfox


Sand Hill Turquoise Ring by @shopivyandfox


by @shopivyandfox on Instagram


As a beginner and self-taught silversmith, the wonderful artist behind Ivy & Fox loves trying new designs.Making jewelry for about 5 years now, they have recently progressed into turquoise jewelry.



This gorgeous sand hill turuqoise ring was inspired by the Colorado mountains and the bright blue Rocky Mountain sky. @shopivyandfox wanted to capture the gorgeous colors of the stone in a simple, boho design.


Rachel of @rayjondesign



Sand Hill Turquoise Ring by @rayjondesign on Instagram

Rachel's inspiration behind the design for this sand hill turquoise ring is the stone. According to her, the shape and color of the stone dictate the shape and wood type of the ring. She added that she thinks turquoise and wood are so gorgeous together.



Let's take a look at some of her creations as well!


Sand Hill Turquoise Ring #2 by @rayjondesign on Instagram


Sand Hill Turquoise Ring #2 by @rayjondesign on Instagram


Sand Hill Turquoise Ring by @rayjondesign on Instagram


by @rayjondesign on Instagram



Oh, what a treat! 💚 We have enjoyed taking a look at these unique, handmade sand hill turquoise ring designs by different artists. Which one is your favorite? 


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☝🏼 Want to know more about Sand Hill? This blog discusses Sand Hill turquoise extensively.


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