Moose Spotlight: Handmade Jewelry Creations Inspired by Nature

Other than the beautiful cabs we see every single day, we also get our inspiration from talented artists we meet along this journey. We're so lucky to get to know bits and pieces about them and their creative process :) 




Jewelry Artist Sheri Powers of @sherijane_ on Instagram


@sherijane_ on Instagram


This is Sheri Powers, a jewelry artist based in Birmingham, Alabama. She has been silversmithing for 2 years now and most of her work can be found on her Instagram under the handle @sherijane_




Stories of how things got started are always interesting, no?


For Sheri, her love for stones inspired her to create jewelry. She started out as a crystal and mineral collector, and moved her way into turquoise. She shared that she loves making something beautiful with something that comes from the earth.


As someone who is totally self-taught, Sheri experienced a lot of trial and error in her first year of silversmithing. She has always liked doing things herself, so it's her favorite way to learn. 


When we asked her if there's a history behind her IG name/brand name, she mentioned it was actually a nickname given to her by a friend many moons ago. How sweet, right? 



Every time we learn something new, we find that one moment that sparks some sense of fulfillment to us. We asked our favorite creators' theirs. 


One time, Sheri said she made a sort of tricky/technical design where she was soldering a few components really close to each other. After she finished them, she felt like she was on a new level of silversmithing. 


Love moments like that! 


Take a look at some of her gorgeous pieces!


Crescent Lake Variscite Bolo Tie by Sheri Powers of @sherijane_ on Instagram


White Buffalo Ring by Sheri Powers of @sherijane_ on Instagram


by Sheri Powers of @sherijane_ on Instagram




For Sheri, when she gets started with a design, she really lets the stone inspire her. If Sheri's doing a simple design, she would normally just flow with it but if she's making a stamped design, she will make a little sketch first.


Upon asking her to describe her design style, right now Sheri said she isn't certain if she has a particular style yet and it's perhaps still in development!


Here are a few more lovely turquoise jewerly created by Sheri!


Turquoise Pendant by Sheri Powers of @sherijane_ on Instagram


Turquoise Earrings by Sheri Powers of @sherijane_ on Instagram


Turquoise Ring by Sheri Powers of @sherijane_ on Instagram


Turquoise Jewelry by Sheri Powers of @sherijane_ on Instagram





Her one design tip she wants sot share with her fellow jewelry artists: Don’t rush!


For those who are just getting started or want to start creating jewelry, Sheri said to not give up! "If you spend a week melting bezels- it’s OKAY and will get better 😅 have fun with it."


Finally, her message to the universe: 


Blog Feature for Sheri Powers of @sherijane_ by Turquoise Moose


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