How to Care for Turquoise Cabochons

Turquoise is an incredible gemstone with a luster found in very few other stones. When polished and crafted, it can shine like no other gem. However, being a porous stone, sometimes, there can be dust and other small imperfections that land on the stone, especially when the stone is natural.

Because most of the turquoise we deal with is a natural stone, it is sensitive to many cleaning chemicals, including soaps. If your stone ends up like this, these tips on cleaning and polishing can ensure that they sparkle under any condition - 

1. Take an old toothbrush and slightly wet it before very gently scrubbing it over the Turquoise. Make sure to not add any soaps and not use too much force when scrubbing the Turquoise. After finishing scrubbing, make sure to not soak the Turquoise stone in water. Turquoise is a porous gemstone which means that it can start to absorb the water. You may see the color change to deeper if you do soak it in water.

2. Dry the Turquoise with a dry cloth, preferably something really soft. Nothing too rough. Make sure that the cloth is also clean so that it doesn't stain the Turquoise. Tip: your regular duster will not work 🙄😜 

3. Polish the Turquoise using a jewelry polishing cloth (or in a pinch, a clean, tightly-woven microfiber cloth)

4. The secret to some extra shine: If you have access to a nail buffer block, use step 1 file and smooth, and step 2 to bring shine on your cab surface, you might find it shiny like a miracle!


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LORI Garcia April 12, 2023

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