Moose Spotlight: A Journey To Silversmithing

Tina has been making jewelry for over 20 years but has only started silversmithing for 7 years. She really got into it for 4 years now after attending a couple of workshops that helped her polish her skills. As she’s self-taught, she wanted to seek more guidance. 

Like many artists, we knew something inspired Tina to start creating jewelry. According to her, she was born to make jewelry - and she knows this in her heart as she even wrote in her journal as a kid that someday, she wants to be a famous silversmith! At such a young age, it’s amazing to be able to realize that early on, right? Now she’s living her dream. Tina added she doesn’t really mind the fame and glory of jewelry-making, she simply enjoys doing it. 

The most challenging part of creating jewelry to Tina is her ADD - staying focused can be tough but she uses it to her advantage by creating several pieces of jewelry all at once. In her own words, she said, “My mind is constantly spinning with designs that I want to create and [I] always feel like there is not enough time in the day to make everything I want,” which says a lot because she also explained how while she’s working on a piece, she’s also starting a new piece and have a kind of assembly line going on. Talk about creative minds! 

She added how nature inspires her work - take for example the stone itself. Tina loves cast silver twigs, leaves, flowers, and anything that involves nature as she frequently involves these to her work. 

Tina got started working with turquoise through her friend who owns a turquoise mining, Robert Carlson. She was presented with a couple of high-grade Nevada turquoise and from then she learned about turquoise. She read Turquoise by Dan and Jay Lowry - and from there the obsession with turquoise began!

Here is a sample of Tina’s creation: 


Tina has been creating beautiful pieces and we could not help but notice! We’re so amazed at how she was able to elevate a stone into a piece of glorious turquoise jewelry. Truly, we’re amazed by our customers!

As a creator, she wants to tell her fellow creators to support each other and be kind. She reminded everyone that there are no shortcuts and hard work plays a huge key to success. Moreover, she’s an advocate for increasing one’s skills by taking classes and workshops - plus you get to meet your other creators as well.

Lastly, Tina advised to always seek nature for inspiration if you’re feeling like you’re in a creative slump. If stuck in the city, she mentioned going to local museums which we think is pretty neat, too! 

Indeed, inspiration is everywhere. 

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What do you love most about Turquoise Moose?

“What I love most about Turquoise Moose is the big quality of the cuts, patterns, and colors of the stones. Also the photography! When selling online great photos and videos are paramount! Having prices listed is a huge plus! If I have to ask for prices I’ll usually move on to another seller.”

- Tina Murphy

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Tina is truly a wonderful artist and is constantly pushing herself in new and creative directions. She consistently produces exciting new designs and seems to have a endless source of energy. Truly an artist to follow!

Darlene H. June 08, 2020

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