Moose Spotlight: Creating Long-Lasting Handmade Jewelry Pieces

We can't stress enough how much we love getting to know new and upcoming jewelry artists! Their ability to showcase their skills through beautiful wearable art is just phenomenal. 




Jewelry Artist Jen of @ifutzwithfire on Instagram


@ifutzwithfire on Instagram


This is Jen of @ifutzwithfire on Instagram. Based in, Somerville, Massachusetts, Jen has been smithing for a few years, but has been making other jewelry much longer. 




What inspired Jen to start creating jewelry is because she finds it fascinating how jewelry is something common to all societies throughout time, yet so specific to the time/place/people making it. 


Jen also added, "I’ve learned almost in isolation- working at home, no classes or in person training. I’m really grateful to people who put community over competition and share their knowledge online."



Take a look at some of Jen's stunning pieces!


Turquoise Ring by Jen of @ifutzwithfire on Instagram
Jewelry by Jen of @ifutzwithfire on Instagram
Jewelry by Jen of @ifutzwithfire on Instagram



For Jen, many of her pieces start with stones and get built around them. She also shared that when she sees a technique she hasn't tried yet, she'll try to replicate what she has seen.


When we asked her to describe her design style, Jen said she is yet to figure it out as there's so much to learn! Like many artists, she doesn't like to limit herself. 


Here's probably our favorite jewelry creation by Jen!


Turquoise Jewelry by Jen of @ifutzwithfire on Instagram


Turquoise Jewelry by Jen of @ifutzwithfire on Instagram




What’s one design tip you want to share with your fellow jewelry artists?


"There’s a lot to be said for reading and researching, but you’ll only really learn when you try it hands on. Also silver is infinitely recyclable- I waited far too long to try it because I thought I wasn’t good enough and would “waste” it. No such thing."


Any words of encouragement or tips to those who are starting out in the world of jewelry making?


"The Instagram jeweler community is great. Don’t be afraid to ask how someone did something, more often than not they’ll be happy to tell you."


Finally, her message to the universe: 


Jen of @ifutzwithfire Blog Feature on Turquoise Moose


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