Moose Spotlight: A Love For Sparkle and Jewelry

"Creativity takes courage." 

-Henri Matisse




Jewelry Artist Jessica Hanson of @jrockjewelry on Instagram


@jrockjewelry on Instagram


Meet jewelry artist Jessica Hanson, based in Townsend, Montana. This amazing creator has been creating jewelry for 15 years now and she is behind the Instagram account @jrockjewelry on Instagram.




"I found so much purpose in creating jewelry," Jessica starts when we asked her what inspired her to create jewelry. She loves that she can take a pile of metal and stones and turn them into something someone can love and cherish. To her, making custom jewelry is her favorite! Jessica loves taking meaningful small details and putting them into something that can be work and treasured.


Jessica started making jewelry in high school. Back then, she hated school but she finally found something that she was good at and she enjoyed. After high school, Jessica decided to go to college to learn more. Then after college, she worked at a retail jewelry store as a bench jeweler.


She got to some custom work there and enjoyed her coworkers but nothing beats working for yourself, Jessica said. She explained that it's so much harder but it is so much more rewarding. "All of these places and people helped shape the artist that I am now."


Curious about if there's a story behind her brand/IG name, Jessica shared that when she was younger, she and her cousins were super close and they had funny nicknames for each other. Her cousin Greg called her JRock and when the time came to think of a name for her business, she thought it would be a fun play on words but also has a deeper meaning for her.




As artists, we can't help but treasure moments when we feel enlightened, surprised with how our creations turn out, or how the entire process of creating feels like home or our happy place.


We asked what was Jessica's AHA moment, and she mentioned it was when she was in college and was learning filigree and granulation. She realized how much she loved adding little details to really make pieces that much more special.


Take a look at some of Jessica's stunning creations! 


Turquoise Ring by Jessica Hanson of @jrockjewelry on Instagram


Teardrop-shaped Turquoise Ring by Jessica Hanson of @jrockjewelry on Instagram


Handmade Turquoise Rings by Jessica Hanson of @jrockjewelry on Instagram




For Jessica, when she starts to create a jewelry piece, she usually lets the stones speak to her. She lays them out and then she starts playing with different little pieces of silver, adding, subtracting, or replacing things until her design takes shape.


When we asked to describe her design style, Jessica explained that she likes to dabble in a lot of different styles. Right now, she's loving the western bohemian vibe a lot. Some days, she more into simple and sleek too.


Here are a few more gorgeous jewelry creations by Jessica!


Turquoise Jewelry by Jessica Hanson of @jrockjewelry on Instagram


Handmade Ring by Jessica Hanson of @jrockjewelry on Instagram


Handmade Jewelry by Jessica Hanson of @jrockjewelry on Instagram





What's one design tip you one to share with your fellow artists? 


"Don’t be afraid to try something new. You never know what you might fall in love with until you see it."


Any words of encouragement or tips to those who are starting out in the world of jewelry-making?


"Everything takes time to get the hang of. Don’t give up. Ask all of the questions and find a great community of other makers that you can call upon for advice. @metalsmithsociety is also a must follow for all the tips and tricks and tool recommendations."


Lastly, here's Jessica's message to the universe:


Jessica Hanson Blog Feature by Turquoise Moose


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