Moose Fact: Number 8 Turquoise and Its Origin

Longtime turquoise lovers would be familiar with Number 8 turquoise as it is considered to be one of the most classic American turquoise mines. 


Number 8 Turquoise Cabochon



Located in the Lynn Mining District in Eureka County, Nevada, the first claim for Number 8 turquoise is reported to be filed back in 1929 by Earl Buffington and Lawrence Springer; thereafter, there were a couple of well-known turquoise miners who owned the mentioned mine. 

According to research, one of the owners discovered some of the best spider-web turquoise ever found while they were looking for copper, back in 1950. It was reported that the Edgar brothers found over 1,600 pounds of high-grade turquoise. 


Genuine Number 8 Turquoise Cabochons


To this day, the Number 8 turquoise mine is still available in the market from old collections. Hence, it is considered to be one of the most highly-coveted turquoise stones today. 



The Number 8 turquoise is known for its obvious spider-webbing and its color ranges from light blue, blue, to dark-blue with shades of green. For the matrix, typically it is black, golden, red, and reddish-brown.


Number 8 Turquoise Description


Note that the Number 8 turquoise with the black and red spider-web matrix is said to be the rarest and the most valuable. 


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Number 8 Turquoise Cabs


Heart-shaped Number 8 Turquoise Cabs


Authentic Number 8 Turquoise Cabochon


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