Moose Spotlight: Making Connected and Handmade Jewelry Pieces


Need some inspiration? Look in the scrap pile… little pieces of inspiration from all of your previous inspiration. So much to build from."

- Hannah






Jewelry Artist Hannah of @lonewolfsilverco on Instagram



Hannah is a US-based jewelry artist, also known as @lonewolfsilverco on Instagram. She is a self-taught metalsmith and has started creating for almost 5 months now. 






"There is nothing like finding that perfect ring that just makes you happy when you put it on," Hannah said when we asked what inspired her to start creating jewelry. She has always had an eye for beautiful, funky, unique, handcrafted jewelry, and she has always wanted to learn how to make her own. Finally, she took the leap a few months ago and she said she's never looking back! Hannah said she has never been happier than creating something with her own hands.



"I’m just starting out, but the journey so far has been amazing." Just a few months ago, Hannah was only dreaming of being able to create a ring or any piece of jewelry. She started reading everything she could about becoming a metalsmith, she watched YouTube videos, started getting her tooth and bench set up.


Hannah put in her first silver order and bought some turquoise stones… then she made a ring, and then another. She shares she's still learning and growing as an artist. She has already sold a few pieces and have happy customers! "I’m grateful and excited for this journey & where it’s headed. Great things to come!!"


The story behind picking the name Lone Wolf Silver Co. - Hannah chose Lone Wolf Silver Co. to honor her big brother, who she lost 10 years ago. "He was a lone Wolf & the old I get the more I feel like a lone Wolf myself. LoneWolfSilverCo seemed to fit perfectly to represent myself, my big brother, and the power of being independent."



Take a look at some of Hannah's beautiful creations!



Half Moon Turquoise RIng by Hannah of @lonewolfsilverco on Instagram


Handmade Jewelry by Hannah of @lonewolfsilverco



by Hannah of @lonewolfsilverco on Instagram
Hannah shares she's been pleased with each piece she has created so far. Adding that she has learned a lot from each piece and the next piece she makes is always better and different than the last. "I hope each piece I make gives me that AHA! moment & all the feels!! & I hope that energy flows right to the person who wears it."



Here are a few more lovely pieces by Hannah:



Handmade Ring by Hannah of @lonewolfsilverco on Instagram



Ring by Hannah of @lonewolfsilverco on Instagram



Handmade Jewelry by Hannah of @lonewolfsilverco on Instagram







"I’m currently a free hander in my design process", Hannah states when asked what's her design process like. She adds that she benches herself with her raw materials and just see what happens. It always excites her to see what she can create. In addition, her scrap bin is her go-to for inspiration and details. Hannah loves recycling the scraps from previous pieces into her next piece. "I feel like each piece is connected."



When asked to describe her design style, Hannah says, "I’m just starting out so my design, and style is ever changing."







What's one design tip you one to share with your fellow artists?


"Need some inspiration!? Look in the scrap pile… little pieces of inspiration from all of your previous inspiration. So much to build from."



Any words of encouragement or tips to those who are starting out in the world of jewelry-making?


"You’re capable of so much more than you think. Have fun. You got this!"



Lastly, Hannah's message to the universe:



Hannah of @lonewolfsilverco blog feature by Turquoise Moose



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