Helpful Jewelry Marketing Tips from Amazing Jewelry Artists

Being in the jewelry business is no joke, especially for independent makers. You put yourself out there, share your creations to the world, be on the bench, find the right suppliers, market your creations, and more. 


It's a lot to deal with! In this digital world, a lot of businesses turn to social media or other online platforms to sell their products. It's a busy space - it can be tricky to stay on top of your game.


Luckily, we were able to interview 4 amazing jewelry artists (@bespokenjewelry, @entangledco, @studioargila, and @rashel_fitchett) who we also admire when it comes to showing off their products online. We hope you find this article helpful 💚


Tips on Jewelry Marketing



Question #1: What advice can you give to jewelry artists who are looking to upgrade their Instagram/social media marketing game? 



@bespokenjewelry: The only social media I have time/energy for is Instagram. The algorithm can change rapidly. There are lots of people with a lot of opinions about what works or doesn't. Be informed, but pay more attention to your own experiences. No one actually knows, not even the big companies that hire social media experts.


Reels are currently being pushed and generally find wider exposure than a still picture post. I hate making Reels. I suck it up because my business depends on many things that I hate (taxes, anyone?).




I try to post twice a week. If I don't have time/content for my feed, I'll try to post a story - something interesting or funny (about me, my work, or a relatable meme). Engage people. Ask a question, ask for an opinion. When people comment I always thank them or respond appropriately.


Customer engagement = customer service.


@entangledco: Consistency and authenticity. It’s key to post regularly and to be yourself. If you don’t want to dance or show your face, don’t. You don’t need to post every day but post on a regular schedule, for example Tuesdays and Thursday’s (if those are good days for you). And then it’s much patience.


@studioargila: Film everything! Reels are big right now and it's the easiest way to be seen on instagram, you never know what's going to blow up, so I try to film (almost) every piece I'm working on. 



@rashel_fitchett: Get super smart on how to create an amazing Instagram Gallery by taking Sara Tasker’s InstaRetreat ( @me_and_orla ). It’s worth three times what she asks and it changed everything for me.


Question #2: When you feel stuck in a creative rut, what do you do typically do to break free from it?



@bespokenjewelry: I take away time constraints and give myself the freedom to play. If you like doodling, do that! I can't draw a decent design to save my life (note: I can draw, but the designs never turn out like I hope). Find what's fun for you creatively.

My design process is kinetic. I keep a bunch of shapes (especially different sized circles, dots, shot plate rejects) in silver or copper that I can move around like puzzle pieces. I have to have the right sizes to be able to SEE the design properly, so I have a lot of circles...

Also, I have a ridiculous stone hoard so for multi-stone earrings I just keep swapping them until my brain goes "Ahhhhh."


@entangledco: I either try to work in a different medium for a while (I recently took up micro macrame just for fun) or I follow a tutorial. I find it interesting to learn how other people design and approach a problem and it helps me get out of my own head.





Also tutorials are usually satisfying because they tend to produce a nice outcome. Often afterwards I have new ideas on how to incorporate a technique I just learned or solve a problem I was stuck with before.



@studioargila: I take a break and go read a book or go on a walk. Sometimes your brain just needs a pause. 



@rashel_fitchett: When I feel creativity wane, I look through jewelry I’ve made. Specifically, I look at my Instagram Insights for the past 2 years and review what my followers loved most.



Question #3: Do you have a favorite app you want to share that helps you with your social media jewelry marketing?



@bespokenjewelry: I haven't found an outside app that works for me. And trust me, I've tried a lot of them (for hashtags, understanding who follows you, etc). Because of Reels, the best thing for me has been learning to use iMovie (on the most basic level possible).


In iMovie I can put clips together, edit everything to my satisfaction and then upload it to my phone. I'm very particular about clip length, speed, color correction, transitions, and telling a *story*. Also, I'll know if the Reel is too long and I can make adjustments in different places. I know I may miss out on certain Reels features, but I need that control - it often takes me hours to create a Reel *after* I've taken videos of the content. I try to reign in my perfectionist moments, but I let this one roll.



@entangledco: I honestly use mostly the native social media tools within the respective platforms. That is because it works best for each. I mostly post videos which I can’t schedule with any of the third parties.


It takes more time though because I have to redo video edits for each platform. If I want to do something more elaborate for reels and TikTok, I use CapCut for video editing. Canva is great for creating graphics.



@studioargila: I like A Color Story because I can see how my feed is going to look like and I can plan my posts in advance.





@rashel_fitchett: Instagram is my favorite app for reaching large groups of people who LOVE big stone jewelry. Again, the InstaRetreat goes over ALL the apps that help fire up a creators online presence.




Consistency, authenticity, working on content for your brand - these are just some of the main takeaways from these incredibly talented jewelry artists who so generously shared their knowledge and tips in social media marketing for jewelry artists. Let us know if you have any questions! 



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