Moose Holiday Shopping Guide 2022

It's the holiday season, and we want to share with our Moose fam some guide about our collections on the website 😊

Cabs for Turquoise Lovers

 Morenci turquoise

For OG turquoise lovers like us, you will love Morenci turquoise. With its deep blue colors that remind us of the beauty of the ocean, along with its unique pyrite spiderweb matrix - creating with these beautiful cabs would truly elevate your beautiful design!

Sand Hill turquoise
Its captivating yet subtle pale blue hues give these cabs an understated elegance. Perfect for both dainty or statement pieces. 

Royston turquoise
Undeniably one of the most popular turquoise mines in the world, Royston turquoise is also distinguishable for its heavy matrix. 

Number 8 turquoise
This beautiful turquoise exhibits an intense sky blue color with even saturation and earthy brown matrix spiderweb pattern - perfect as a centerpiece for your jewelry creations.

Wild Horse turquoise
This fabulous turquoise is loved for its delicious colors ranging from deep blues to lucious greens. Its high-desityh matrix is so distinctive. 

Browse our Freeform Turquoise collection - turquoise cabochons ethically sourced directly from various mines in the world. 💚 Whether or not you are just getting started with turquoise cabs or have been a turquoise lover forever, it’s always a treat to discover this unique gem.


Calibrated Gems

Our calibrated gemstone collection features a variety of turquoise stones, opals, spiny oyster, and other gems. We created this collection specifically for your designs that are highly requested by your customers so you can recreate them whenever you want. 😊

Carico Lake turquoise
Carico Lake is one of the rarest Southwest gems we carry in calibrated form. We love the greenish blue color, high density, and the long history of this mine being operated and mined by different legendary owners.

Its almost candy-like color makes tourmaline calibrated gems even more captivating to look at. Our calibrated gems are available in shades of pink and green.

Sleeping Beauty turquoise
Admired for its sky blue appearance, sleeping beauty turquoise is also perfect for when you are creating pieces with little to no matrix at all. These beauties are even compared to the beautiful Robin’s egg. 

We have a wide selection of calibrated gems that even look like candies - browse our stunning Calibrated Gems collection here for your holiday designs


Turquoise Beads

You can never go wrong with beads and there’s a reason why it’s well-loved by many. Creating a classic piece that you plan on getting passed on from generation to generation? Consider creating with beads. 😊

Round shape beads
If you are new to creating with beads you may want to test drive round shape ones. Available in blue and green shapes.

Nugget shape beads
Into the rustic-feel and unpredictable shapes? Turquoise nuggets are the way to go. 

Rondelle shape beads
Disc-like or doughnut shape beads - like flat round beads. You can create a special turquoise beads bracelet or a statement turquoise beads necklace. We also have spiny oyster beads shaped in rondelle. 

All natural and genuine beads collection here.


Other Gemstones

Lapis Lazuli
Picture a star speckled deep blue skies - that’s what we can think about every time we look at the beautiful Lapis Lazuli. Choose between our freeform and calibrated collection depending on your preferred design.

This year, we released our Rhodochroiste collection and it has been receiving a lot of love from makers for its rose-hued beauty. Looking into taking a break from the green, blue, or brown color cabs? Give pink a try :) 

Need we say more about these stunners? It’s pattern galore for malachite! Its lush green colors and swirly patterns are truly incomparable. 

This year, we have released different gems in our collection. Enjoy the natural beauty each of this gem offers from our Other Gems collection.


Shop by Color

Want to create pieces inspired by the sky and sea? Blue cabs may be the one to go for! Popular mines with blue color cabs include Royston, Morenci, Sand Hill, Yungai, Carico Lake turquoise, Lapis Lazuli and Aquamarine.
Are you highly-inspired by nature? We suggest to go for green color cabs. Moreover, they also represent tranquility, and growth. Take a look at our Bamboo Mountain, Giraffe, Treasure Mountain, Wild Horse turquoise, Broken Arrow Variscite, and more.

Ready to create scene-stealing vibrant pieces? Try spiny oyster, golden birch, carnelian, and more.

Can’t decide or want to have a mix of everything? Take an adventure with our mixed color cab sets. 

Shop your favorite Cab Colors here.


Shop by Cab Shape

We’ve always been fascinated by out of the ordinary and unique shapes especially for cabs, and we strive to offer you with uncommon shapes as much as we can, while making sure the quality of the cabs are top notch :)
Shape Rose

Reminiscent of a cylindrical container, this cab shape would be awesome for necklaces or bracelets.
This six-sided cab shape will truly elevate a design piece. Want to create a honeycomb-inspired piece? Create with a hexagon shape cab.

We just released this shape this year and did not have a name for it for quite some time, but we have ultimately decided to name it petal as it reminds us of it. Aren’t they beautiful?

Check out our various cab shapes here. 


Top 5 Best Seller Turquoise Mines

Our Top 5 Best Sellers (Mines) include Mixed, Treasure Mountain, Yungai, Wild Horse, and Sand Hill turquoise. Each with their own unique characteristic and awesome pops of colors.


Top 5 Cabochon Shapes

For shapes, our Top 5 Popular Cab Shapes for 2022 are Oval, Round, Mixed, Teardrop, and Half Moon - a combination of the classics and unique cab shapes for your amazing creations!


We hope you have fun taking a look at these! Feel free to DM us if you have any questions 😊

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