Celebrating Artistry and Creativity in Handmade Jewelry

Another week, another round of magical creations from our Moose community! We are currently in Tucson for our Moose Tucson Show and we are so excited to see you in real life! This doesn't stop us from spreading beautiful creations - we hope you love them, too!


Crescent Lake Variscite Pendant by @denisegiordimaina


crescent lake variscite by @denisegiordimaina


Absolutely amazed by jewelry that reminds us of nature! Just like this gorgeous piece by @denisegiordimaina - Crescent Lake variscite pendant. We are loving the combination of sterling silver and the mesmerizing hues and patterns of crescent lake variscite! 💚


Explore our selection of crescent lake variscite cabochons, and bring your jewelry ideas to life.


Turquoise Bangle by @alternative_silver


turquoise bangle by @alternative_silver


Each detail of this handmade turquoise bangle by @alternative_silver is pure beauty! This unique style also highlights the beauty of the teardrop-shaped turquoise cabochon. When you look at creations like this one, you can just feel the passion and love for what they do! 🥰


Check out our collection of turquoise cabochons to add a touch of timeless beauty to your jewelry designs.


Sonoran Gold Turquoise Earrings by @megan.carys.metalworks


sonoran gold turquoise earrings by @megan.carys.metalworks


Swoon over the exquisite beauty of Sonoran Gold turquoise with @megan.carys.metalworks' stunning earrings. The details are truly remarkable - yet another lovely combination of hues of green and silver ✨


Explore our selection of Sonoran Gold turquoise cabochons to infuse them into your creations. 


We hope these lovely pieces inspired you as well! Please don't forget to share your creations on Instagram @turquoise_moose using #MadeWithMoose 💚 In case you missed it, here is this week's latest cab collection! As always, happy creating!

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