5x5mm Square Sonoran Gold Turquoise Cabochons, Set of 4


4x4mm Square Sonoran Gold Turquoise Cabochons, Set of 10

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6x6mm Square Spiny Oyster, Set of 2

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10x10mm Square Yungai Turquoise Cabochons, Set of 2

Authentic calibrated turquoise cabochon gemstone for jewelry making.

Shape: square

Mine: Carico Lake, Green Egyptian, Kingman, New Lander, Prince Egyptian, Sleeping Beauty, Sonora, Sonoran Gold, Tyrone, Yungai

Calibrated size:
3x3mm, 3x5mm, 4x4mm, 4x6mm, 4x8mm, 5x5mm, 5x7mm, 5x10mm, 6x6mm, 6x8mm, 6x9mm, 6x12mm, 6x13mm, 7x7mm, 7x9mm, 7x12mm, 7x14mm, 7x19mm, 8x8mm, 8x10mm, 8x12mm, 8x16mm, 8x22mm, 8x32mm, 9x9mm, 9x11mm, 9x13mm, 9x18mm, 10x10mm, 10x12mm, 10x14mm, 12x12mm, 12x16mm, 13x18mm, 13x20mm, 15x20mm, 16x16mm, 18x18mm, 20x20mm, 22x22mm, 24x29mm

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