Dainty Pieces: 3 Gorgeous Jewelry Creations You'll Love

We're back with another set of dazzling jewelry pieces that are sure to catch your eye! 🤩 We've been scouring Instagram for your stunning creations and we're excited to share some of them with you today. Each piece is unique and tells a story, reflecting the creativity and talent of the artists who made them.


Made with Moose Jewelry Creations | Turquoise Moose

Let's start with these stunning Sonoran Gold turquoise rings by @rockyrita_jewelry. The 14k yellow gold and sterling silver bands perfectly complement the popping turquoise stones, creating an elegant and dainty piece that's timeless and understated. 


turquoise rings by @rockyrita_jewelry on Instagram


dainty turquoise ring by @rockyrita_jewelry on Instagram


Turquoise rings by @rockyrita_jewelry on Instagram 

Ready to create your very own dainty ring collection? Be sure to check out our Sonoran Gold turquoise cab collection. 💚

Next up, we have this beautiful and delicate necklace by @megan.carys.metalworks. Made from 100% recycled sterling silver, this piece features tiny turquoise stones that add just the right amount of color and a pop of color. 


turquoise necklace by @megan.carys.metalworks on Instagram


turquoise necklace by @megan.carys.metalworks on Instagram | Made with Moose


Turquoise necklace by @megan.carys.metalworks on Instagram

Are you a fan of tiny turquoise pieces for your creations? Take a look at our wide-range of Calibrated Turquoise and Calibrated Gems collection on the website. Featuring different turquoise mines such as Sleeping Beauty turquoise, Kingman turquoise, Malachite, Lapis Lazuli, Tourmaline, and more. 


Last but not least, we have these dainty Sunseeker Duo rings by @junijewelryco. Featuring Yungai turquoise cabs, these rings are simply stunning, perfect for everyday wear or for adding a touch of elegance to any special occasion. We can't help but smile looking at these beauties!


Yungai turquoise rings by @junijewelryco on Instagram

Yungai turquoise rings by @junijewelryco on Instagram

Do you also love the way these stones look? Take a look at our Yungai turquoise cab collection. It's also available in calibrated shapes and sizes

We always look forward to seeing your Made with Moose creations and getting inspired by your creativity. Keep tagging us in your Instagram stories, posts, and Reels, and keep inspiring the community! 💚


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