Dazzling and Timeless Jewelry Creations

Another year, a brand new chance to showcase your beautiful creations! Happy 2024, Moose friends! We are happy to showcase your exquisite handmade jewelry creations. Let's start this year with these incredible creations from three talented jewelry artists!


Royston Turquoise Pendant by @spiritmountainsilver


 Royston Turquoise Pendant by @spiritmountainsilver


by @spiritmountainsilver on Instagram


Talk about a dance of colors and patterns! This pendant by the amazing @spiritmountainsilver highlights the enchanting beauty of Royston turquoise. Anyone else who is as obsessed as we are? 🥰


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Shield-Shaped Swamp Green Rosarita Statement Ring by @metalmorel


Shield-Shaped Swamp Green Rosarita Statement Ring by @metalmorel


by @metalmorel on Instagram


This gorgeous piece transports us into an enchanting forest - featuring the charm of swamp green rosarita ring by @metalmorel. If there were a list of photos filed under beautiful statement rings, this will be included for sure! 💚


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Coffee Mug Pendant Using Half Moon Shaped Turquoise Cab by @kerr.metal


Coffee Mug Pendant Using Half Moon Shaped Turquoise Cab by @kerr.metal


by @kerr.metal on Instagram


A piece that's overflowing from a cup of creativity! We can't get over @kerr.metal's coffee mug pendant, featuring a half-moon-shaped turquoise cabochon. Any coffee and turquoise lovers out there? ☕️


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We hope you enjoyed these beautiful pieces and we hope we see more of your creations - tag us on Instagram @turquoise_moose, and use #MadeWithMoose. Here's to a year filled with creativee expression, exploration, of course meaningful connections with this lovely community! Happy creating ✨

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