Moose Fact: Getting To Know Desert Lavender/Golden Hill Turquoise

Desert Lavender, or Golden Hill Turquoise is one of the most distinct-looking turquoise pieces out in the turquoise market. Although it has only been introduced in the US around 2018, its undeniable beauty truly stands out! Its light baby blue appearance coupled with light brown to brown, to ‘lavender’ matrixes are quite distinguishable and definitely scene-stealing!

Golden Hill Turquoise Kazakhstan Turquoise Available at Turquoise Moose

What Is Golden Hill Turquoise and Where Is It From

Golden Hill Turquoise is originally found in Kazakhstan and is also known as Kazakhstan turquoise. This rare and beautiful gem is found in the deposit in the Altyn-Tyube mine in Kazakhstan.

It’s been said that the Golden Hills mine is really known for the production of large quantities of dioptase, which is known to be a type of gem that is quite similar to turquoise when it comes to color and strength. Back in 2013, the said turquoise deposit was discovered.

In Kazakhstan and in the Golden Hills mine, to be specific, dioptase and other gems are way more common than turquoise. According to research, Golden Hill is one of the most ‘chemically pure’ turquoise that is found in the market. It is also noted that its color is one of the most vibrant ones in the world, while its consistency is commendable for its durability.

Golden Hill’s Popularity In The Turquoise Market

To this date, Golden Hill turquoise’s popularity has increased, especially in Southwestern jewelry artists. A bunch of artists across the world have been wanting to have a piece of this beautiful gemstone.

Its unique colors and it being super rare truly do make Golden Hill one of the most-sought after turquoise gems in the world. The contrast between the baby blue color with its dark web-like matrix gives it an amazing depth, which is why most turquoise enthusiasts would love to have this in their collection.

While being one of the most coveted turquoise gems out there, it is also well noted that this beauty is only mined during the winter while it is freezing cold and snowing. Research says that they can’t mine during the summer times because of the flooding that takes place in the said area due to the conditions there as well.

Having said that, it is not easy to get it due to factors that involve the environment and its location. With its popularity, demand in the market, and rarity, it is not at all surprising that its price point is pretty high up there in the industry.

Sample Designs of Golden Hill Turquoise

Team Moose made sure to get our hands on some Golden Hill turquoise because it is easily one of our faves as well. Here are a couple of designs created by some of our favorite jewelry artists!

Golden Hill Turquoise by Jewelry Artist @showbarnsilver on Instagram

by Jewelry Artist @showbarnsilver on Instagram

A beautiful necklace created by @showbarnsilver using a Golden Hill Turquoise cab. Look at how pristine that color is! We are also in love with the pendant design on this one.


Golden Hill Turquoise by by Jewelry Artist @hiwestsilver on Instagram

by Jewelry Artist @hiwestsilver on Instagram

This pair of earrings designed by @hiwestsilver totally caught our attention! This pair of Golden Hill turquoise earrings with your hair up to rock ‘em! 


Looking for some design inspiration? Here are a couple od design sketches we wanna share with you!

Golden Hill Turquoise Sketches by Turquoise Moose


The feeling of seeing a gemstone turn into a beautiful timeless jewelry piece is still surreal to us and we always look forward to seeing our favorite jewelry artists put their creative spin on these gorgeous gems. Can’t wait to get your hands on these? Check out our Golden Hill Turquoise collection.

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