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In the ever-vibrant world of Instagram, our amazing Moose community continuously dazzles us with your remarkable creations. Your work is a testament to boundless creativity and an unwavering passion for the art of jewelry making. Today, we're thrilled to introduce you to three extraordinary pieces, each equipped with the enchanting charm of gemstones and crafted by talented artists!


Turquoise Crybaby Necklace by


Turquoise Necklace by on Instagram


by on Instagram


First up, we have the "Turquoise Crybaby" necklace, a creation by the talented The name alone piques our curiosity, promising a piece with character and soul. Isn't it such a beauty? 👀


Explore our selection of thoughtfully sourced turquoise cabochons that can serve as your muse for designs like these.


Purple Lavender Variscite Rings by @linneaboreal


Purple Lavender Variscite Rings by @linneaboreal


by @linneaboreal on Instagram


Next, we venture into the magical world of @linneaboreal and her splendid purple lavender variscite rings adorned with golden brass accents. These stunning rings embody a harmonious blend of colors and textures. 🫶🏼✨


Discover our collection of purple lavender variscite cabochons, meticulously shaped to ignite your creativity.


Floral Turquoise Bar Necklaces by @schilverjewelry


Turquoise bar necklaces by @schilverjewelry


by @schilverjewelry on Instagram


Our journey leads us to @schilverjewelry, where we uncover the magic of turquoise bar necklaces featuring delicate floral designs. These pieces evoke images of gardens in full bloom, bringing a touch of nature's beauty into the realm of jewelry. Which one is your favorite among the three necklaces? Can't decide - all too lovely! 💚


Check out our bar-shaped cabochons - create with this unique cab shape and share your amazing designs and vision to the jewelry world!


We are in awe of each of your creations you tag us on Instagram! Truly, each piece tells a story and sparks our imagination. Please tag us in your creations using #MadeWithMoose. We're on Instagram @turquoise_moose 💚


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