Nevada Miller: Balancing Motherhood, Artistry, and Empowering Others in the Jewelry Industry

Nevada Miller: Balancing Motherhood, Artistry, and Empowering Others in the Jewelry Industry

Nevada Miller of Be a Maker School

Meet Nevada Miller, a talented jewelry artist who has made her mark in the industry with her captivating western eclectic silver jewelry designs. Not only does Nevada create stunning pieces, but she also finds joy and fulfillment in sharing her knowledge and skills with others.

Turquoise Jewelry by @nevadaw on Instagram

As the founder and manager of Be A Maker School, an online learning platform, she empowers aspiring artisans to unleash their creativity and thrive in the world of jewelry making. Let's find out more about Nevada's inspiring journey as she navigates the responsibilities of being a mother while establishing herself as a leader in her field.

Establishing a Balance

When it comes to balancing her roles as a jewelry artist and a mother to her 3.5-month-old, Nevada embraces the concept of varying priorities rather than seeking perfect balance. She sets achievable goals and focuses on three key tasks each day that will move the needle in her business, ranch life, and parenthood.

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As she eloquently puts it, "I try to focus on 3 things a day that will move the needle in my business, ranch life, and parenthood that only I can do. Even if only one of those items gets done a day, I count that day a win."

Teaching and Leading by Example

Nevada's leadership in her field goes beyond her artistic talents. To her, being a leader means being humble enough to admit when she's wrong and open enough to share what she has learned. She explains, "Being a leader to me means being humble enough to say when I'm wrong and open enough to teach what I have learned."

Nevada Miller's workbench

Nevada's teaching journey began with a simple act of sharing her work and workflow, which evolved into full-fledged courses through Be A Maker School. She adds, "That sharing has morphed into full-fledged courses through Be A Maker School, an online learning platform I founded and manage."

Maintaining Work-Life Balance

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is vital for Nevada, and she has discovered techniques that contribute to her overall well-being. She emphasizes the importance of self-care by stating, "What really helps my day go smoothly is quiet time in the morning with my devotion while I nurse my baby, then some form of physical movement."

She further explains, "If I can attend to my spiritual, physical, and emotional health first, it makes my vocational goals much more attainable."

Building a Vision in a Remote Setting

As a jewelry artist working remotely, Nevada understands the importance of knowing where she derives her energy. She shares her approach by stating, "Remote work is not for everyone... For myself, I interact with my industry via the internet and a few choice shows a year."

Be a Maker School Jewelry Lessons

Nevada believes that adding intrinsic passion to her creations is the key to building her vision. She passionately expresses, "If a sense of joy is felt looking in the mirror at those items, I know I have a quality piece."

Creating an Online Presence to Support Goals

Nevada recognizes the power of intentionally creating spaces that foster awareness of her unique lifestyle as a jewelry artist. She explains her approach by saying, "Intentionally creating spaces that foster more awareness of the particular lifestyle we live... being open about the unique challenges that arise when you create in the middle of nowhere and also the seasonality of ranch life."

She believes that by openly sharing her experiences, she inspires others who resonate with her journey to believe in their own potential.

Overcoming Remote Work Challenges:

Working remotely as a jewelry artist presents its own set of challenges, particularly in terms of communication. Nevada shares her experience and how she overcame those challenges by stating, "Because I am remote, all my communication channels are either via social or email. I am terrible at both! So in the beginning, I trained my customer base to know they could only reach me via email and buy via my website."

She further emphasizes the importance of effective communication management by adding, "As my business grew, I was able to bring on a virtual assistant to manage communication, so I was freed up to be in my shop more."

Advice for Aspiring Jewelry Artists

For aspiring jewelry artists seeking to pursue their passion, Nevada shares invaluable advice. She believes that passion alone is not enough and encourages artists to keep working even when inspiration wanes. She advises, "Just know that passion ebbs and flows... Don't give up just because you're not 100% creatively inspired one day! So stick with it by grit and find joy in your work!"

Jewelry Creation by Nevada Miller of @nevadaw on Instagram

Nevada Miller


is a shining example of a jewelry artist who balances her artistic pursuits, motherhood, and teaching with grace and determination. Through her unique designs and the creation of Be A Maker School, she has become a leader in her field. Nevada's commitment to authenticity, self-care, and supporting others serves as an inspiration to aspiring jewelry artists around the world.

Follow Nevada's journey on Instagram @nevadaw and explore her beautiful creations at

To embark on your own jewelry-making adventure, visit and join the thriving community at Be A Maker School.


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