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Have fun! You can never know enough info on how to make jewelry..."

- Anyssa, @forgedsilverdust








Jewelry Artist Anyssa Benitez of @forgedsilverdust on Instagram




@forgedsilverdust on Instagram





Meet Arizona-based jewelry artist Anyssa Benitez, behind @forgedsilverdust on Instagram. She has been silversmithing since 2019. 💚




"I was raised by my grandparents. My nana, who is indigenous Mexican American, would let me explore her jewelry box filled with her family heirlooms, costume earrings, Cuban chains, cigar rings, and tokens of love from my Tata who migrated here from Cuba at a young age,"



They are Anyssa's true inspiration and the reason why she loves and creates jewelry. How special! 🫶🏼



When she was first starting out, Anyssa was both excited and a little nervous because she had a tough time getting the solder to flow with anything. Working on her soldering with simple things like bezels, and simple bands, it really helped everything else go smoothly. She added, "Once you get that confidence with your flame you can do anything you want."





Originally, Anyssa started posting about the pieces she was working on for herself and as practice through her personal Instagram account. She shared that she received multiple messages from friends and family who were interested in supporting her which gave her so much confidence in herself and her work.  Eventually, she opened up her shop on Etsy where she made her very first sale. 🥰





When asked if there's a meaning behind her brand name, she explained she's a big fan of Forged In Fire! When she first started making jewelry, she didn’t realize how much silver dust she’d have - literally everywhere. Hence, Forged Silver Dust came to be. ✨




Let's check out some of her gorgeous creations!






White Buffalo turquoise ring by Anyssa Benitez of @forgedsilverdust on Instagram








Turquoise necklace by Anyssa Benitez of @forgedsilverdust on Instagram






Handmade Jewelry by Anyssa Benitez of @forgedsilverdust on Instagram













As a jewelry artist, Anyssa still remembers her very first AHA moment, "When I set my favorite Kingman turquoise moon stone I came across from an old collector. It was one of my first pieces I made for myself before I started selling my work. The bezel set so perfectly over the stone I never felt so good!," she shared.









"It’s honestly all over the place," Anyssa started as she explained her design process. Some days, she said she can sit down and sketch some stuff up based on the stone(s) she wants to work with. On the other, she just works as she goes and whatever comes to mind is what she tries to execute.





Asked to describe her OWN style, Anyssa said her jewelry is made for everyone. "My jewelry is a mixture of modern, statement, vintage, minimalistic, and edgy pieces that are all heavy on the sterling."






Here are a few more stunning pieces by Anyssa!






Turquoise Rings by Anyssa Benitez of @forgedsilverdust on Instagram









Turquoise and Opal Rings by Anyssa Benitez of @forgedsilverdust on Instagram







Handmade Bolo by Anyssa Benitez of @forgedsilverdust on Instagram




Handmade Jewelry by Jewelry Artist Anyssa Benitez of @forgedsilverdust on Instagram










What's one design tip you one to share with your fellow artists?





"If you want a flush look with your bezel/stone sanding the bezel down with some sand paper until it’s the appropriate length really makes your piece look cleaner."






One piece of technical advice on creating.





"I’m not good at math but sometimes you have to use it to get your work to the next level :)"






Any words of encouragement or tips to those who are starting out in the world of jewelry-making?





"Have fun! :) You can never know enough info on how to make jewelry, and you can always learn more from a peer, video, or book."



Lastly, Anyssa's message to the universe:





Blog Feature for Anyssa Benitez by Turquoise Moose







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