Moose Spotlight: Making All Handmade Sterling Silver Jewelry

"What if you could wear a stone that twinkled brighter than any constellation? Something you could pair with anything, wear for any situation? What if you wanted something with a bit of depth and meaning and you could never hope to measure all the joy that it might bring?"

- An excerpt from Brie Wahlstrom's website, written by her customer





Jewelry Artist Brie Wahlstrom of @what.if___.__ on Instagram


@what.if___.__ on Instagram



This is Utah-based jewelry artist Brie Wahlstrom, the talented artist behind @what.if___.__ on Instagram. She has been creating jewelry for two years now. 





Brie loves creating, but she shared that what truly captured her attention is jewelry. Now, she said she has been obsessed with it ever since. 


When Brie was just getting started, she said she was just messing up over and over again; to the point of burning everything into a ball. With this though, it got her to really understand the torch. 


Experience is the best teacher, right? :) 


Brie has one of the most unique brand names, which is why we asked her if there was any special meaning behind it. She explained that she is extremely into philosophy, and she always finds herself asking the what if's.


Take a look at some of Brie's beautiful jewelry creations!


Turquoise Rings by Brie Wahlstrom of @what.if___.__ on Instagram


Double-stone Turquoise Ring by Brie Wahlstrom of @what.if___.__ on Instagram


Handmade Turquoise Rings by Brie Wahlstrom of @what.if___.__ on Instagram





Since creating jewelry, Brie feels like she has encountered several AHA moments that's why she has already lost count! This is such a beautiful feeling to have and be pleased with what you create. :)


Here are a few more stunning creations by Brie!


Genuine Double-stone Turquoise Rings by Brie Wahlstrom of @what.if___.__ on Instagram


Handmade Jewelry by Brie Wahlstrom of @what.if___.__ on Instagram


Handmade Jewelry by Brie Wahlstrom of @what.if___.__ on Instagram





"Well I normally search for rock and then once I buy a rock," Brie shared. She said she often sits there and design a couple that would go with the shape and then really decide which one she likes best. Sometimes, she also knows exactly what she wants.


When we asked her to describe her design style, Brie simply said "Whatever I feel like!" 💚





What's one design tip you one to share with your fellow artists? 


"Don’t get too excited, that’s when I always mess up."


Any words of encouragement or tips to those who are starting out in the world of jewelry-making?


"It will look better when it’s polished, I promise."


Lastly, her message to the universe: 


Brie Wahlstrom Blog Feature by Moose


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