Moose Spotlight: Finding Love In Jewelry Making

Jewelry artist Erin Lester is the one-woman show behind @wildkrystals on Instagram. This artist has traveled the world with her family and also shared with us that they were huge museum junkies.

Jewelry Artist Erin Lester of @wildkrystals on Instagram

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Having the chance to see antique jewels from across the world has instilled a love of jewelry for Erin at a very young age. She has always crafted and created jewelry on the side as well, so to her, it seemed natural to find herself on this path of jewelry making.

She has been creating jewelry for over a decade now, as stated on her website, and she has been metalsmithing as well for a couple of years now.

As an artist, we asked her who her favorite artist is on the Instagram platform, and just like many of our favorite creators, she declared that this was such a hard question - which we definitely agree to! Right now though, she found herself in a love affair with ceramic artists so she mentioned @truepots as one of her favorite artists, although still stating that she has so many favorites!

Growing up, Erin described her home backed to lush woods and she has been drawn to nature ever since she was small. Hence, her designs and work are absolutely inspired by nature. Now that she is living in Florida, she told us it's a whole different world with new flora to be inspired by. She shared that she has been trying to explore and learn more about nature in Florida to hopefully incorporate in her work.

Having been inspired at a really young age through the art of jewelry from being able to travel the world as a child, Erin has definitely exposed herself to the endless styles of this specific art form. As written on her website, “I hope you have found yourself here with the same love for high-grade gemstones and hand fabricated silver jewels.” Erin also shared that she can't wait to hopefully create something special for people who come across her works.

Take a look at some of her stunning work!

Turquoise Jewelry by Erin Lester of @wildkrystals on Instagram

by Erin Lester of @wildkrystals on Instagram

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