Moose Spotlight: Creating Beautiful Pieces From The Heart

"Create for yourself. When you start to create for yourself the passion shows in your pieces."

- Felicia, @littlegarlic_studio





 Jewelry Artist Felicia of @littlegarlic_studio on Instagram





@littlegarlic_studio on Instagram 




Meet Felicia, the amazing jewelry artist from Marquette, Michigan and is behind @littlegarlic_studio on Instagram. She has been creating jewelry for 3 years now. 



"I took a metalsmithing course in college where I was a C- student. Critique days made me sweaty. Once it was over I didn’t smith for a decade." It was 2020 when Felicia signed up for an online intro to soldering course. She finished a simple ring and was hooked. She said, "Learning to smith has brought a light in to my life I didn’t even know was missing."




"Show me a smith who wasn’t melting bezels, breaking saw blades, cracking stones and crying out of frustration. I still do!" Felicia shared. Once she accepted that nothing will look perfect, she was able to relax and find her style. Now, she smiles when she sees the little imperfections in her work and in others. Adding, "It’s human made! Not a machine. And I love it."




When asked if she can still remember the very first piece she sold, she said, "Yes! I consider my first sale piece that was made for someone that was not my close friend and/or family my first sale. She picked the stone for her ring. I gave it to her in a sandwich baggie. 🤦🏻‍♀️ (Oof!) Hand to hand transaction. She was so happy with the ring." This made Felicia so unbelievably excited that her art could do that for someone. 💚





Behind the brand name, Felicia explianed that the “little” part of little garlic studio was what she calls a brain fart. "It’s actually the big garlic river that runs through my camp. I have memories as a child playing there. It’s still a place where I can disconnect from the world around me and just be." This is how she feels when she's at the bench creating. 🥰



Let's take a look at some of Felicia's beautiful creations:





Royston turquoise earrings by Felicia of @littlegarlic_studio on Instagram





Treasure Mountain turquoise ring by Felicia of @littlegarlic_studio on Instagram





Turquoise jewelry by Felicia of @littlegarlic_studio on Instagram











Asked if she remembers the very first AHA moment she got when she started creating, Felicia recalled, "This would have to be the first time I added a little embellishment to a ring. A simple little dot next to the bottom of the bezel. It made me sooo stoked. Turns out I still love to incorporate little dots. They’re so dang cute!" 💚









Felicia creates based off of the stone. "Love love love me some lapidary artists. I like to hold the stone up to my finger/wrist/ear/chest and imagine what the piece will become." She decides whether it’s going to be a simple or statement piece. She gets a rough idea of what she wants to see and then she just goes for it. Usually, she's creating one piece at a time.




"I’ve never really put a name to it. I’m creating what I like to see. That changes day to day (hi, I’m a Gemini)," Felicia said when asked to describe her design style. Adding that some days, she likes a simple ring and other days she likes a big statement piece. "Choose your own adventure!" as she said. 🫶🏼




Here are a few more gorgeous pieces by Felicia!




Half Moon ring by Felicia of @littlegarlic_studio on Instagram







Turquoise ring by Felicia of @littlegarlic_studio on Instagram





Handmade Jewelry by Felicia of @littlegarlic_studio on Instagram








What's one design tip you one to share with your fellow artists?



"Don’t create what you think other people want. Create for yourself. When you start to create for yourself the passion shows in your pieces."



One piece of technical advice on creating.



"Give that solder time to flow! So many times I’ve pulled back my torch before it’s done filling all of the seems. Think red hot like the ring of power being created in LOTR. That’s when things get moving. But also be careful of firescale."




Any words of encouragement or tips to those who are starting out in the world of jewelry-making?



"Every mistake you make is part of the learning process. Nothing happens overnight. Celebrate the small victories. If a process is frustrating you, set it aside. There are always other techniques you can work on."




Lastly, here is Felicia's message to the universe: 





@littlegarlic_studio Blog Feature by Turquoise Moose




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